6 Times You Thought You Were A Wreck (But You Were Actually On The Right Track)

Unsplash / J. Scott Rakozy

1. That time the person you thought was your forever person broke up with you.

Break ups make temporary ruins out of the best of us. The fact that they sometimes come like a punch in the gut when you think everything is fine is one of the most destructive times of anyone’s life. You simply lose your bearings and suddenly you feel like everything is falling apart. Little do you realise it at the time but what you are doing is building. You are strengthening the walls of your heart. You understand after such a terrible breakup that people, most people are temporary. You learn what you truly need from a relationship.

2. That time you were fired for the first time from your job.

Getting fired is one of the worst and most stressful experiences for absolutely anyone, even if they were unhappy with their job or it wasn’t their calling. You question everything about yourself. You feel worthless as a human being. However, what you don’t realise is that through this setback you are subconsciously learning – this is what setbacks are for. Finding your true path. Reflection on what you really want to do with your life. Anna Wintour once said, “Everyone should get sacked at least once in their career. It is important to have setbacks because perfection doesn’t exist.”

3. That time when you fell out with lots of people you love at once. 

We’ve all done it. One day, you just say and do all the wrong things, you upset everyone, you feel like you’re losing every single person and it is all your fault. We grow irritable sometimes with the people we love because we take them for granted. But subconsciously, we are also aware that the people we love most are sometimes the reason why we do not grow, full contentment breeds stagnancy. When you fall out with people, it makes room for personal growth. Sometimes, it takes falling out with someone to truly appreciate the value they add to your life and truly work on the relationship you have with them.

4. That time you dropped out of a course/university/class you thought was your calling.

Sometimes we spent years thinking something is our calling, put months of effort and time into trying to get it and then either can’t cope with it or just don’t feel as excited by the actual thing we are studying as we hoped we would be, or just have to leave because of situations beyond our control. The truth is this: sometimes things are just not meant to be, and this is the universe showing you that you are meant for something different or even if this is your calling, you are at the wrong place and time to study it. This kind of discomforting realisation usually means you are heading in the direction of something completely different. And what you need to do is buckle up, master that discomfort and try to find what your true direction.

5. That time you disappointed someone you love deeply and let them down terribly.

We are all hurt, and we all hurt people. Human nature is such that we have all disappointed someone without meaning or intending to. However, the discomfort of this disappointment and realising it is an essential part of growth and becoming the person you are destined to be. When you hurt someone you love that way, you learn how to make amends and how to turn that regret into a positive force. Whilst at the time it feels like you are the very worst person in the world, you are actually understanding the depth of your own flaws, and how to live with them.

6. That time you disappointed yourself terribly.

This is the most important one on the list so I saved it for last. When you are disappointed in yourself, it’s one of the very worst feelings in the world. Disappointing other people is something you can live with and make amends with. Making amends to yourself is a lot more difficult. You really have to dig deep to forgive yourself, and come face to face with a lot of demons that you didn’t even realise were stopping you from loving yourself. Disappointment in yourself is usually what leads to self love and an unforgettable journey into the real you, and all the things you can achieve, if you just get out of your own way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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