10 Powerful Reminders For When You Start Comparing Yourself To Other People

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  1. Your heart beats approximately 104,000 times in a day and each one of those heartbeats is far too valuable to waste on comparing yourself to another. You were given your heart’s unique rhythm to dance to your very own beat. Not to the beating of anyone else’s heart. Just your own.
  2. We all walk roughly 8,000 steps a day, and if you were able to walk and retrace the footsteps of every single person you are comparing yourself to, you will realise that their perfection is an illusion and we are all works in progress trying to find our way.
  3. When you compare yourself to anyone else, you are taking the focus off yourself, your goals, your plans, your immense aspirations and putting all of your focus in a negative way on another person. The universe did not give you the immense opportunity to exist against all the odds just for you to compare yourself to another human being.
  4. In a single minute, 288,000 stars are born and each and every one of those stars is unique and has a  definite purpose. In the same way, every person on this planet has an entirely unique person. Even you. Even the person you are comparing yourself to.
  5. Remember that what you see in front of you and envy is only one version of the person, the version they are letting you see. Every other version of them could be dealing with an astronomical amount of pain that you cannot even begin to fathom, much less be envious of.
  6. The only thing that really matters in the end is your story. How well you lived it. How beautifully you wrote it. How much love you gave to others. No where is there any room on those pages for you to become a secondary character in your own book. When you compare yourself to anyone else, you are making someone else the protagonist of your story.
  7. We all have our own paths to walk, our own gardens to grow, our own burdens to carry. Why spend any of that time weeding our own gardens, learning about our own paths, understanding how to lessen our burdens, assessing other people’s gardens, paths and burdens?
  8. Turn that comparison into fuel. When you realise that you are envying someone their lot, perhaps it is indicating to a deficiency in your own lot, and a need to work on something within yourself. By turning that comparison into fuel to work on yourself you are making a positive out of a negative thing and turning envy into something extremely productive.
  9. The only thing you should compare yourself to are the constellations you come from. Everything and everyone else is just the blink of the eye kind of temporary.
  10. Be wary of those negative thoughts towards yourself and envying other people. Thoughts are the universe’s life blood, the way it hears us. And that is how they manifest themselves into events, into moments, into entire life stories.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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