15 New Year’s Resolutions For A Happy And Healthy New Year


1. Disconnect from social media as much as possible and develop a habit of spending time away from the internet everyday.

2. Travel and see at least one new place this year, even if it is just a few miles from home.

3. Spend more time building friendships instead of looking for love.

4. Do not ignore your mental health and what it is trying to tell you.

5. If you are struggling with something, there is absolutely no reason why you should not ask for help. Asking for help does not make you weak.

6. Develop a mental health tool box for when you are stressed out. Fill it with inspiring quotes, your favourite chocolate, meditation recipes, phone numbers you can dial and anything else that helps relieve your stress.

7. Take time everyday to reflect on your own behaviour and see where you went wrong, so you have a more balanced view on the people around you.

8. Learn something new via a short course or online lessons.

9. Empty your heart of sadness before you sleep every night by finding an outlet for your pain, whether it is writing, painting, singing.

10. Drink lots of water. Eat at least one healthy meal a day.

11. Forgive yourself the mistakes you have made in 2017 and try to amend the things you had done wrong to others. Start 2018 as a fresh slate.

12. Tell the people you love about the things you love about them more often.

13. Tell yourself that you love about yourself more often.

14. Be kind. For no reason. Just because you can be to someone who needs it.

15. You know that thing you keep saying that you’re going to do but never get around to? This is your sign. Do it. TC mark

Nikita Gill

Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River, a book about healing and becoming whole again.

Your Soul Is A River

“Love a soft person. The ones who are positive, even in the worst of circumstances. Someone whose strength is not in bravado, but in their quiet. Someone who is strong for others because that is what is needed in that moment. Someone who is the moon that soothes instead of the sun that burns. Someone who sees the very best in people even when you think they aren’t worth it. The kind of person who always wants to do the best for those they love.”
—Excerpt from Your Soul Is A River, by Nikita Gill

“I bought this on a whim to read as I was resting for the night, and I do not regret it one bit! Everything about the poetry in this book is amazing, heart breaking, and soul searching. It will lift your spirits on your darkest days. I want to thank the author so much for writing this, as it’s something I will be rereading a lot! Always remember, everything about you is important. You matter.” —McKayla

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