Your Heart Will Always Reincarnate

When your heart is broken, when you find it betrayed, when the world around you should have done better, but instead all it has given you is pain, I need you to remember something. That you have been here before, that your heart has fallen apart before and someone callous has thrown it at your feet, empty and broken and all used up.

And you, you brave soul, you have lifted it in your hands, even though this person had crushed it so cruelly it barely even held the shape of a heart anymore and you nursed it back to health. Over and over again, you found a way to save it, to rescue it and to bring it to life, only to have it shatter all over again.

There is so much bravery and courage in that. People don’t appreciate it enough. They don’t talk about it enough, how much work truly goes into mending a broken heart. But here is the truth about this incredible thing you hold inside your chest.

The Hindus believe in reincarnation. That the soul manifests itself all over again in a different physical form. That we have all been here perhaps thousands of times, maybe as birds, or animals or marine life. Whilst this philosophy may not apply to you and you may not believe in it, it does apply to your heart in a very different way.

You see, each time your heart breaks, it destroys an older version of itself when it begins it’s healing journey. The universe knew that human beings would have their hearts broken a lot and it gave the heart the power of reincarnation, so it could heal itself from even the most colossal of heartaches and love again brand new. Isn’t that incredible? That your heart is capable of loving again, no matter how badly it has been hurt?

So when you are there, aching, right after it has been shattered again, don’t look at the wreckage and wonder how you will recover from it.

Don’t spend time worrying about your heart never being able to heal, even after the worst heartbreak you will ever endure.

Your heart has the incredible superpower to reincarnate itself. And it will mend again, coming forth in a version even stronger than it was ever before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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