If You Ever Find Yourself The Target Of A Clique, Remember This

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If there is anything that is a real threat to authenticity and originality, it’s cliques.

I used to think cliques were something that you leave behind in high school, but oh boy was I wrong. Cliques don’t go away. Ever. You find them everywhere, at work, when your kids start going to school, in small towns particularly (where I currently live.) And they practice exclusivity. And they are largely led by insecure women who enjoy bullying other women. As someone who has been bullied a multitude of times before, I just want to point out that as much as these people seem like they have it all, they really don’t. Imagine living your life so uptight and controlling that you need everyone around you to be your subordinate. There is no room there for being original, for being creative, for being kind.

And we all know that kindness runs the world.

The truth is, the world falls apart without the wierdos. The ones of us who are strange and different and have a different perspective on things. The ones of us who aren’t ashamed of our vices and are as real as they come. Authenticity is something cliques hate and unfortunately if you are genuine, authentic and of a strange sort of flavour, you are automatically a target. They will spread lies about you. Lies, unfortunately, that other people who do not see these people for the vipers they are, will believe. You will lose friends, you may even lose your job because of them. They will be all sugar sweet to you on the phone or via text or to your face and talk venom about you behind your back.  They will choose to target you particularly when you are dealing with something hard, like the loss of a loved one, or the loss of something deeply precious to you. They will even connive to run you out of town, or to destroy your relationship. But even all this isn’t them at their most dangerous. They are at their most dangerous when you have something they want, usually social standing. That’s when they pretend to be your friends and ditch you to try and ruin you.

Now ask yourself, do you ever want to be a part of this kind of group of people that actively chooses to treat people like this? All because those people are different? No. It’s better to be alone and to find new and true people around you than to be around humans who act like they are superior enough to exclude people and take things away from them. Your authencity will always be a threat to humans like this.

Look, what you are is this bright, beautiful thing and this on it’s own is a threat to insecure people. You breathe and live for your life and that inspires jealousy from others. You are different and that is incredible. To be unique and have something to show the world is a blessing and boon. Let them have their tiny little plastic world, whilst you leave and find something bold, and lovely and true. Your bravery in being yourself will be rewarded with the life you deserve even if you cannot see it yet.

So if you find yourself alone and excluded by a group like the one I have described above, just remember this: you can do better than people who treat others like they are disposable. You deserve better than to be ostracised for your flaws. You do not deserve to be punished because you choose a different path. Celebrate yourself, even if you are doing it alone. Celebrate you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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