The Truth About The People You Love Too Deeply

God & Man

Sometimes the people you fall in love with are paintings you have conjured up in your head out of expectation and devotion, figments of your imagination painted so beautifully, you are unable to see their faults and flaws.

The girl you love so deeply, she has trauma baggage that she has not coped with at all, and she refuses to see a therapist for it. The boy you adore doesn’t know how to love you back the way you need because he’s so absorbed in his own life, his video games, his fixations, he may just not know how to give yet, but is terrified of losing you at the same time.

You forget to see how much they hurt, how much they are bleeding, how intricately and complicatedly human they are. You don’t understand why they seem to bleed off the canvas in their flaws. You find yourself hurting for the way they stop appearing so beautiful on canvas anymore, the canvas in your head unable to take their flaws appearing so blatantly. Kind of like the picture of Dorian Grey, your brain wants to keep them ever youthful, ever loving, ever pristine, and your love ever innocent.

And that is why when that kind of love falls apart, you fall into the deepest despair. You aren’t falling out of love with them. You are falling out of love with the masterpiece you have built of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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