Other People’s Opinions Do Not Matter, It Is Only Yours That Counts

God and Man

There are people in this world who will look at you, see what is two dimensional, possibly a moment when you are in pain, a moment when you are sad, a moment when you are breaking and decide that that is all there is to you. Do not let their definition of you decide who you are. After all, how can they possibly understand everything there is to you when they, in their narrow little judgemental minds, have decided exactly who you are from a moment when you are fragile or overcome with emotions?

When you face terrible people, whether it is in school, or in university, or at work, I want you to remind yourself that you are worth more, and you are not to be tarnished by their iron like assessment of your golden heart. You are not to allow them to touch your angel made soul. You cannot, under any circumstances, allow them to damage everything that makes you good, and kind, and most importantly you.

I know things may seem impossible right now, things may seem like they are never going to be okay again, maybe this was a person you had utter faith in until they betrayed you. But believe me, eventually, they too will become nothing but a blip in your long, gorgeous life that you will enjoy so much once you forget them. Always remember people are temporary. People are not worth the tears, the heartache, the sorrow. No one is worth that kind of adulation.

Let them judge you, and say terrible things about you. You just close your ears to the noise and keep walking proud and remember this: what other people say about you is none of your business. What they say about you reflects on who they are as people, not on you in any way at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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