8 Reasons Your Sensitivity is the Best Thing About You

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  1. You sense when someone is upset and are always available to give a listening ear. This is one of the best things about being sensitive towards your surroundings and the people around you.
  2. You learn to forgive people their flaws quicker than most others. You’re pretty good at trying to read into people’s actions and understand why they act the way they do.
  3. You make the effort for the people you love in ways they need. Being sensitive means you understand people’s needs better. Whether its your brother needing a lift and not knowing who to ask, or buying your mom that sweater she eyed in the shop window but didn’t buy for herself, you know exactly what to do to make people’s lives easier.
  4. You feel deeply for causes and the state of the world. This on its own may not feel like a lot but it’s those causes sit inside your heart, making it heavy until you do something about it. Whether it is working with the elderly or disabled or with injured animals, you do everything you can because you are deeply affected by the world around you.
  5. You are able to shed an empathetic light on situations other people just cannot understand. Being sensitive in this world takes a lot of courage because people are always telling you to toughen up. Whereas you look at people and situations and understand them on a deeper level than anyone would ever know.
  6. You feel every emotion on a deeper level. Yes, that means the bad stuff, but the good stuff too. This includes happiness, joy, laughter, a beautiful moment. Sensitive people end up truly enjoying their lives because they feel everything so strongly. Even bliss. Even peace. Everything.
  7. You feel your own mistakes deeply and do what you can to fix them. This means when you make a mistake, you can’t rest until the person you have made the mistake against, or the situation is repaired. This makes you a valuable and loved person to have around because you recognise just an apology is not enough.
  8. You are in tune with your spirit and your heart much better than other people. Because your environment affects you, because the way you feel dictates your actions, you are far more in tune with your morals and your soul than other people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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