21 Reasons We Will Win Every Battle They Throw At Us

Lissy Elle
Lissy Elle

1. They tried to hurt you by making me disappear from your life in the only way they knew how. You essentially turned around and showed them your middle finger.

2. You are far too strong willed to let anyone else tell you what you should think. And I am far too stubborn to let anyone try to convince me otherwise.

3. The last time we kissed you pulled me close and told me the way you felt was like the entire ocean had drowned you and saved you all at the same time.

4. When they took something I loved from me, you were ready to burn the world to ground to pull it from the ashes, all so you could return it to me.

5. I loved you better than I have ever loved anyone else, anyone except myself and you respected that.

7. I never ever stopped you from doing something that made you truly happy even though it was something that may have made me feel scared or sad or insecure.

8. You never did something that made me feel sad or scared or insecure because you loved me too much to hurt me.

9. I loved you more when you called yourself a ghost town than when you were a city of desire that everyone wanted to visit.

10. Every woman in my family has waited to find the kind of man I have found in you.

11. You are the one person who has made me smile far more often than you have ever made me cry.

12. I am the one person who will wait for as long as it takes for you to figure every single one of your sadnesses, your problems, your heartaches out.

13. If anyone has ever tried to turn us against each other, we have simply laughed and told them that they will never understand what it is like to find someone who loves you as purely, as honestly as to accept all of your flaws and still call you beautiful.

14. There are multiple universes in which I am sure we have met and our story has always been beautiful, whatever it’s end has been.

15. Our sense of belonging has been first to ourselves and that is what we have loved most about each other.

16. There are songs we both listen to that speak to us better than any words we ever could, would.

17. You wore your smile the way a soldier wears his medals. With pride but with the sadness of loss, and I understood that because that is how I wear my scars.

19. We both know exactly what the other needs any time we have ever woken up with sweat soaked nightmares. And words have never ever been necessary.

20. We come back together every time, even after an argument.

21. We have never asked the other to save us. But if that moment ever came, we both know there is nothing we would not do to protect each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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