You Are A Daughter Of The Sun


you were born with a fire inside you,
and this world is determined to stamp it out.

You will see it when you stand up for yourself
and you are told how arrogant you are amongst your sex
because ‘it isn’t ladylike to raise your voice.’

(Speak louder when they say things like that to you.
Let them see how quick a single flame can take hold of an entire forest)

You will hear it when you wear something that hugs your body
and feel the uncomfortable sensation of being stripped naked
by the eyes of men who call you names you are still too young to understand.

(One day these same men will have daughters
with fire spines like yours who will
make them understand)

You will know it when a man tries to use his strength
to have his way with you the first time,
and no isn’t good enough, so you need to use your fists/teeth/legs to get him off.

(What did he think would happen if he manhandled flames?
His burnt fingers are his own fault, not yours.

You will feel it when you see
your mothers eyes filled with terror
because you are two hours later than you said you will be home.

(She understand so well how dangerous it is
to carry a soul made from a firestorm in this broken world.

You must understand: they fear you.
There is nothing scarier in their minds
than a girl who knows the power of her flames.

Your passion is terrifying,
your beauty isn’t pretty
it is unashamed,
determinedly uncaged
and so honest and wild
that they can only think of ways
to either own that fire
or try their damnedest to stamp it out.

But you must never ever let them take
those flames from within your soul,
Instead, you must burn brighter than ever
because you are a daughter of the Sun,
And you belong only to yourself, not to this world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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