Good Things Can Come From Heartbreak

Christin Hume

Because when we search heartache, we only get to read about relationships gone wrong.

Heartache can be felt with a friendship, a lost passion, a flashback, a career path, a personal issue, or an experience. Heartache can make you feel lost or it can help you find yourself. It can make you feel alone or it can allow you to open up. Heartache can make you re-evaluate where you went wrong or it can help you realize that you would have done the same thing again if you were given another chance. It can make you weak or help you find strength. It can be buried or it can help you form your words and thoughts. A heartache may become a closed chapter or it will help you finish the story. Heartache can help you rebuild yourself any way you choose. With some heartache, there is a beautiful destination.

Heartache can make us distant from people, thoughts, or ideas, but it can also help us fight harder for what we truly believe in. It can lead to cutting ties or acknowledging what went wrong and figuring out the next step. Would you want heartache caused by someone to take over your own actions and attitude? Would you change how you feel, think, or act for someone who caused you heartache? Would you speak up for yourself or would you say “I’m fine” to the person who caused the heartache? Don’t hide it because we forget the people around us might also have some sort of heartache. Sure, we all have different coping mechanisms. Sure, we all may handle situations differently. That’s what makes heartache so precious. Heartache can help you figure out why you are consumed in pain, happiness, and deep thoughts. With some heartache, there is a beautiful destination.

Heartache can keep us up all night, but it can also help us dream big. It can make you feel like what you have is not enough or it can make you motivated to have more. We are all human. Without heartache, there is no love for the things we do, say, or believe. Heartache may be where forgiveness begins, whether it’s forgiving yourself or someone else. Sometimes there is never not heartache, but we don’t realize it’s there until we really think about it. Does it allow you to find a deeper meaning? Does it take you out of your comfort zone? Does heartache really make you feel down or do you make it into something positive? It can make you close your horizon or it can broaden your limits. With some heartache, there is a beautiful destination.

You see, there is more than one way to critique the word heartache. Heartache is not always painful, but more of a projection of where we want to be and what we will do to get there. It’s important to remember that heartache can be a life lesson. Are you really sad about something you experienced or an idea that couldn’t be made into something more? Are you happy you felt the heartache through a flashback? Will it make you do things differently? Take time to think about the heartaches you encounter. It helps you become your best self. Be just as loving with heartaches as you would with happiness. Survive the heartache. Pour your love into your heartache, because honestly, you are worthy of it. Many people believe that heartache is the end, but the fearless believe it’s just the beginning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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