What Do You Think Of Kindness?

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What do you think of when you say, hear, or witness the word kindness?

Authentic kindness is a personal decision and is one factor that defines who you are. Some people show kindness to make themselves feel good, but real kindness gives others a feeling of hope. Kindness deepens your appreciation of what you have and what you can give. It makes the feeling of contentment stronger, because for some of us, we always want more when others don’t have much. Kindness towards others creates positivity and endless smiles. Kindness matters.

Random acts of kindness make a huge impact on others’ lives. Sometimes we tend to think of ourselves more than others. If more time were given to others around us including friends, family, and strangers, the world would be a better place. Many people don’t know what it feels like to suffer and to need a kind act placed upon themselves from strangers. Kindness connects us to a world we never knew about. After giving generous gestures and being a part of a kind act, we can’t seem to stop due to the exhilarating feeling that is put upon us. Kindness matters.

How many times do we pass a homeless person? Do we really know if they are homeless or not? No, but it’s the perception that we see that allows us to think the way we do. It is amazing to have witnessed a humble person who gives money, no matter how big or little of an amount, to every homeless person he sees. It is also amazing to have seen a person buying a homeless man dinner and how happy the man was in return. This kind and selfless act gives hope that there are still kind, authentic people in the world. Seeing someone else do a random act of kindness gives us emotions that make us want to do more. Kindness matters.

Giving kindness is not about giving money or food to the homeless. Taking a few minutes to talk to a stranger who seems lost can make a different in his/her life. Helping a grandma carry her groceries to her car would probably make that woman’s day. She would definitely remember that random act of kindness forever. Filling up a family member’s or friends gas tank after borrowing it is kind and shows appreciation. Give someone a thank you card instead of merely saying it. Let someone go in front of you in line when they look like they are in a rush. Give someone a book they may like. Kindness creates memories that never get lost. Kindness doesn’t have to do solely with money. It’s the action behind kindness that makes someone original. Kindness matters.

Kindness can take you out of your comfort zone. Kindness takes strength, compassion, and originality. Don’t wait for people to be kind, show them how. Kindness can be made a lifestyle. Lend a helping hand whenever possible, and do not wait for a thank you in return. The act of giving without the expectation of anything in return is the best act of kindness. Kindness can be your own magic, but kindness can also be someone else’s magic. Kindness matters.

Think about when you were having a bad day and someone showed a random act of kindness toward you. How much hope did you gain back? Did you smile? Did you want to give back to someone else? It is truly heart-opening how a simple kind act can change someone’s world. We may not all speak the same language, but we all speak the language of kindness. Kindness is the unique language that even the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Always smile at every person you encounter, just because. Ask yourself what simple act of kindness you could do right now and just do it! Kindness matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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