8 Ways To Be A Good Girlfriend To Your Good Boyfriend


Anal. Just kidding. As shallow and asshole-ish society represents males, they are mushy sweethearts themselves and crave certain desires that are too weird to voice. So lets do it for them.

1. Apologize

I know it sucks & I know its cliché but the fact is that if he’s really a sweetheart, he is almost always apologizing regardless of the fact that its not his fault sometimes. If you really want to be that girl that stands out, apologize. Even when its not your fault. You know that mood when you know its your fault but don’t wanna apologize? Yeah. He’s entitled to them too you know.

2. Buy Him Flowers

Everybody loves receiving heartwarming flowers but we gals know better than to deny our love for them. Our men,however, can’t seem to voice this desire. But do know that an intimate gesture such as sending flowers will make his day week. In fact, don’t send them. Give them to him in person with the warmth of your hands in his.

3. Be Transparent

If he is the good boyfriend you think he is, then there is no need to hide your feelings and thoughts. Also, I know we love to have our minds read but seriously how fair is that? Its hard for him to know yours thoughts at any given time even if he may have known you for 10 years. Transparency and communication is important and there’s a much higher chance that his reply to “What you thinking” will be more honest than yours.

4. Speak Your Mind

As a continuation to the last point, I stress on how important this is. When asked what is upsetting you, open your mouth and let it out short and simple. That’s how men understand best so express it so. If all you want to do is rant, then let him know. Men usually don’t understand mindless complaining. If something is wrong, they look to fix it. So if it can’t be fixed but you want to lighten your emotional load, make that clear. And lets avoid the whole “I’m fine” when you’re not situation. He’s your boyfriend and if he’s a good one and asking, he’s genuinely concerned.

5. Don’t Draw Comparisons

If he is a good boyfriend, he will avoid comparing you to other women. But of course, its easy not to notice this because women are easily less territorial than men. When you compare your man to someone, you are starting something you may not be able to finish. Insecurity and paranoia are parasites that will eat him from within before permeating the depths of your relationship. He may be a good boyfriend but comparisons can make him a terrible man. What may come of your mouth as a casual “Wow Greg has really buffed up since he started working out” may translate to him as “You both go to the gym but Greg allows little room for second guessing.” There’ll be men who are better than yours at several things BUT your man should always be your number 1.

6. Understand

I know men say women are hard to understand but there is a fair share of things we need to understand ourselves. Male ego is a fragile thing that’s extremely hard to understand. Whats worse is that in the process of understanding it you might just destroy it. And destroying it will destroy him. So essentially we are walking on eggshells. But its not that hard so long as you maintain a realistic love for your man and assure him no one can love you better. Insecurity in males is also a lot more silent than in us. So we need to be careful with our words especially when we are all angry and arguing. A dirty argument may last 20 minutes but he will have to live with the dirty words for the rest of his life. You may leave him but he will continue to doubt his qualities you pick on when he is with someone else.

7. Be Happy

I’m sure he is there for you when you’re down In the dumps. And he is sympathetic when Aunt Flo comes to visit. But, I’m talking Chronic Complaining. If you have clinically diagnosed depression and he isn’t there for you, he is a jerk. If you are complaining and complaining and complaining and he’s there for you, he loves you very much even though you’re a bitch. If you can’t ever be content and smile. If you seem to have woken up at the wrong side of the bed you entire life then you’re a BAD girlfriend. And you are lucky to have him because you sure as hell don’t deserve him. I know we can’t be cheerful all the time but we can definitely try!

8. Try

I know you love it when he plans out the dates. But, he doesn’t love racking his brains on something cool and new y’all can do together every single time. And it doesn’t help when you reject biking because you happen to be wearing a dress or a walk in the park because of your new heels. So, every once in awhile, you try doing the planning or you try a new date idea. Not only will he appreciate the effort but you’ll also think twice before you shoot down his ideas the next time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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