7 Things I Don’t Understand As A 19-Year-Old Girl

Flickr / Adiel
Flickr / Adiel

1. Using wood-based adjectives to describe wine.

Woody/Oaky/Piney, etc.—these terms do not make any sense to me. (If it tastes like wood, why would you drink it?) Box wine is tacky, so which kinda wine should you be having?! Then there was the time I went to a bar and I tasted wine for the first time and I remember thinking “EWW.” Maybe I chose bad wine; I just went for the option that I could pronounce. I should’ve just bought Coke. Lesson learned.

2. 7-Eleven stores.

This damn store is international and I share a love hate relationship with it. For one, it can satisfy my 2AM cravings without getting me to walk a mile given that there’s a 7-Eleven in practically every corner of my area, BUT what makes them think they can charge me a whole extra dollar fifty for the convenience they provide me with? Seriously. Cravings come with a price when it’s 7-Eleven. Next time you head down, compare prices between 7-Eleven Mars bars and the ones at Walmart.

3. The need to hurt because you’ve been hurt.

We’ve all been there. Someone screws you over and the hate, anger, and hurt propel you to screw them over in return. Not to be a preacher, but Mahatma Gandhi once wisely said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” And it’s true. I’m all for hurting people when I’m pissed too. But I’ve realized it’s a really bad idea. Once you plant the seed of hatred, it grows and you wait for their life to fall apart. Most of the time it doesn’t happen; not to your knowledge at least. And then your life starts unraveling because you burn in your own expectation to see them sink. Karma is a bitch, so we don’t have to be one. BUT if your colleague is really a bitch why not spit in her coffee, right?

Just kidding. Don’t quote me on that.

4. Passive-aggression.

I’m only 19. I’ve had a TON of indirect subtweet bitch fights and rants on my blog about who is a bitch and who is a slut. Most of the time, we have this weird “emotion,” if I can call it that, where we are upset and we want the person responsible to do something. Of course, to do something we need to express that we’re upset and why. But instead we choose to be passive-aggressive little bitches who say nothing and do these little “discreet” bitchy things that really whoop their ass and spend them spiraling into confusion as to what they screwed up this time. SO we send out tweets like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, but it’s all smiles and kiss kiss in real life. Oh well it’s hilarious..I just don’t know why I do it.

5. Café-hopping.

I don’t know if it’s a fad where you are, but I live in Singapore. And here café-hopping is like a trend where a group of friends visit two or three cafés in a day. I don’t understand it at all. Cafés are pretty expensive, so where do you get the cash when you’re only 16? And you have so much room in your tummy for three meals in the span of four hours? Speaking of which, I don’t understand if people nowadays eat for themselves or they eat for the Instagram pictures. I mean I’m guilty too but I’m not entirely sure if those fantastic waffles filled me up or was it the 149 likes I got for them?

6. Periods.

Why do they keep coming back? I’m so done with them already. OK, I know why they keep coming back. But it sucks. Whether it’s here or not, I’m still panicking. Sigh being a woman. At least I can wear skirts. Scottish men do have the best of both worlds

7. The high cost of transportation.

There’s barely any fun left in it. We spend Monday-Friday clocking in the hours and making money so that we can spend that money getting to work to make more money? Life is just playing a really big joke on me right now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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