Maybe This Is Why We Move On

Perhaps growing out of a relationship isn’t a bad thing. Perhaps we end up having to let go to make space for what’s better for us. Perhaps the Universe knows what we need and deserve and it pushes us in a certain direction because we undervalue ourselves.

Perhaps compassion in a relationship changes when it goes from “I’m here for you” to “I’m too busy to help.” Perhaps ego in a relationship changes when it goes from “You were right” to “I’m always right.” Perhaps humility in a relationship changes when it goes from “I’m sorry I hurt you” to “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Perhaps love changes, mutates into something inconceivable and goes from “I’m glad we’re together” to “Why are we even together?” Perhaps we get into some relationships where the other person doesn’t believe love can be sustained at the heightened level it started out at or that it can soar.

Perhaps these are the relationships that feel uncomfortable. Perhaps these are the relationships that feel like our favorite pair of shoes we loved wearing as children—we learn to love them for what they were but accept that we have outgrown them. We learn to part ways with them.

And perhaps parting ways is loud. Perhaps it’s quiet. Perhaps it’s quick. Perhaps it comes with guilt. Perhaps it comes with fear. Whatever it comes with, accept that it is what you have chosen and let it be, because perhaps walking away is just the right thing to do for your deserving heart. Accept that sometimes, people change, and with that the depth of their love changes too.

Perhaps walking away is the most courageous thing you can do. Perhaps when you walk away, you walk into something beautiful, deserving, and everlasting.

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