There’s More To Life Than Chasing Someone Else

There’s more to life than chasing someone you hope to settle down with. Life isn’t a race to get engaged, get married, and have kids with before your friends do. Playing catch up will only hurt you and may leave you feeling like you ended up with someone who wasn’t yours to begin with.

Let life flow. Let people flow. There’s more to chase in life.

Chase your dreams. Chase a different career. Chase new friendships. Chase your fears. Chase your curiosity. Chase the truth. Chase what feels uncomfortable so you can grow. Chase everything with certainty. Chase today what you are sure will fill your lungs with happiness tomorrow.

Chase what will give you purpose and meaning, something you can anchor yourself to that will not lead you to disappointment when you reflect on your life a decade from today. Chase solitude. Chase simple moments. Chase a sunset.

Chase what most people aren’t chasing, because what most people are chasing are other people’s dreams. Chase what is original. Chase what is uncomfortable. Chase change.

Chase yourself. Chase the soul roaming within you rather than souls roaming outside and around you. Chase your inner child. Chase important thoughts you allow yourself to ignore. Chase who you aspired to be when you were little, limitless, and daring.

Chase what makes you feel alive, because being alive is far better than simply existing. Chase yourself. Yes, chase yourself, because there is nothing more rewarding than settling down with yourself before settling down with someone else.

Remember to always chase the right things for the right reasons and with the right intentions. Remember to always anchor yourself to what will give life depth and meaning. Remember to always chase what will give life as much purpose today as it did yesterday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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