This Is How You Find Love In A World Obsessed With Infatuation

Find real love in a world that is obsessed with infatuation. Infatuation is brief, dull, and transparent. It carries no weight, depth, or meaning.

You’ve developed materialistic tendencies because you’ve been programmed to chase the glossiest of things. You drown yourself in fancy things, thoughts, and people, gradually leaving you bankrupt. You let your eyes take precedence over your heart. You shush your body’s genuine cues, and this is the most unfaithful thing you can do to yourself. You indulge in short-lived, temporary, and hollow desires, because you are escaping – escaping from yourself, and from your truth.

You consume, consume, consume, and never feel full. But how could you? Your heart won’t feel full from eyes that starve a chiselled torso or a curve in the spine. You want a physical connection that will always make you feel like you just met? You want a soulful connection that will make you feel lucky to have met your soulmate? You want a relationship that will feel sensual and safe at the same time? Engage on a deeper level.

Ask someone about the things they most fear, and listen to how their voice tremors.

Ask someone about how it felt to lose someone close to them, and see how tears begin to occupy their eyes.

Ask someone about their dreams, and listen to the excitement in their voice.

Ask someone about happiest moments from their childhood, and observe how their smile extends from ear to ear.

Ask someone what your presence means to them, and feel their cold fingertips turn warm.

Engage with someone and let them be intimate with your mind. Tell someone how you want to spend the next days, months, years, and the rest of your life with them, and notice blood rush to their pale cheeks. Don’t play the waiting game. Don’t let days, months, and years pass by waiting for them to be the first to ask. Leap forward for a connection that may lead to something greater and more meaningful. You will then realize why infatuation left you feeling bare, and why being vulnerable and soft left your delicate heart feel clothed.

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