Wait For Someone Who Makes You Feel Like This

Wait For Someone Who Makes You Feel Like This


Wait for the right person, even if it takes months, years, or decades.

Wait for the one that makes you feel all the things that make up your simple equation of love. A few heartbreaks here and there don’t mean that you need to put a strike through your equation. You have all the right to rewrite it. This time, craft a longer equation. Maybe a more complex one — one that factors in what you wished your equation included before you suffered those heartbreaks. Factor in the qualities that were conceivable only in your wildest dreams.

Wait for it.

Wait, because no equation has ever gone unsolved. There will come a genius who will solve you so effortlessly, leaving you breathless.

Wait for someone who will make simple moments feel celestial.

Wait for someone who will crave to know the deepest corners of your mind.

Wait for someone who, even when they have nothing to talk about, will take up space in your mind through a conversation with your eyes.

Wait for someone who will want to stare at you like artwork worth millions.

Wait for someone who will despise Sunday nights, because the thought of not seeing you on Monday will be so difficult.

Wait for someone who will be proud of every good thing that happens to you — someone who will celebrate little accomplishments to make you feel exceptional.

Wait for someone whose gentle arms you can collapse and cry into, whose strong arms you can run and rejoice in.

Wait for someone who will understand you better than you understand yourself.

Wait for someone who will always make you a priority.

Wait for someone who, in a loud room, brings you peace through their presence.

Wait for someone who admires your flaws, who keeps falling in love with them, because those were the reasons they fell in love with you in the first place.

And when you find this person, you will look back a month, a year, a decade, and realize they were well worth the wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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