This Is How I Want You To Undress Me

I like being undressed. I like being stark-naked, unclothed, and bare. I want to be loved so deep so you can feel me at my core. I want my sorrows to hang loose, my guard pulled down, and my insecurities stripped off. But first, you have to undress me. And if you’re not sure where to start, let me guide you to another dimension where there is no end to feeling euphoric.

Start from the top. Get between my ears, through your voice, and into my mind. Don’t just read me, study me through conversation and stimulate my mind. Undrape my deepest emotions through your unprotected, vulnerable self. Ask me about my life, my goals, and my dreams. Ask me about my scars and you’ll feel every goosebump arouse to the surface of my silken skin. Let your bare lips, without hesitation, tell me how my imperfections are beyond perfection. Tell me I’m worth every extra effort and how I stand out from the rest of them.

Pierce through my soul with your eyes – be raw. Tell me you want to see the world through my eyes. Pay attention to the small details of my life so I can envelop you in my heart, and so you can become a big part of the little things that bring me enormous joy. Stop to notice me. Stop to ask if I have a new scent on my body, because I was hoping you would take notice when I walked by. Don’t just look at me from the corner of your eye.

Get to my core, so I can open up wide. My heart will be yours if you go deeper than just lingering by the shore. Be the leader, make me feel protected, and make me feel safe with my words. Ask me for my innermost secrets and show me that you can trust me with yours. When you gain my trust, I’ll immerse you with my past, in my present, and in my future. I’ll share, with you, what the world doesn’t know. I’ll leave you feeling like we were always together – in all phases of my life. Let’s feel endangered, defenseless, and let’s handcuff ourselves to a life together.

Show me the strength of your body. Show me how you’ll care for me, love me, and hold me on days I don’t even know I need to be held. Sleep on the side close to the door to show me you have my gentle back. Show me when it’s safe to cross. Don’t ask, but crave. Crave to sit close to me, leaving no space between us. Save my spot at every restaurant we go to so the world knows we come in a pair – that we are goddamn unbreakable. Extend your hands over and under the table to make me feel loved when we are on our highs and lows.

You, my sweetheart, will have me at your mercy if you undress my soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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