You Don’t Need To Love Someone To Feel Love

I’m sorry if you think you need to fall in love with someone to understand the true meaning and feeling of love.

You failed to find love, despite your efforts, and your world came crashing down. Your existence becomes unclear, you become distraught and you begin to sink in your sorrows. You become your own victim by believing that you can only be saved and repaired by receiving love from another human being.

But it’s not your fault, because no one taught you what to love, who to love and how to love. Your parents and teachers didn’t give you a manual on love.

Growing up, you saw people fall in love with each other and you believed that the highest form of love could only be achieved by loving another human being. You grew up seeing people feel their best when being loved by another human being and I’m sure you witnessed this in your own home, in movies you watched, and in novels you read. In an effort to align yourself to the love you grew up seeing and knowing, you found yourselves constantly chasing to be loved and to give love to another human being.

But you don’t need to fall in love with someone to experience the highest degree of love.

How about falling deeply in love with trees, with art, with glistening stars, with books and the smell of fresh flowers? How about falling deeply in love with a conversation, a contagious laugh, an infectious smile, a helping hand and an answered prayer? How about falling ruthlessly in love with yourself – your gestures, your personality, your scars and your strengths? How about making it a priority to fall in love with everything the universe gave you, including everything living and breathing? How about making it a priority to pour all the love in rather than out? Please, discover yourself and the world around you so you can become someone magical.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t love another human being, but make it a priority to fall in love with yourself and all the beautiful things that the universe gave you rather than focusing on attaining love from another human being. There will come a day when you meet someone you feel your stars align with and they might fall in love with the world through your eyes. They might fall deeply in love with the girl that loved herself and found beauty, a connection and passion for all things in the universe.

I promise you that if you fall in love with yourself first and everything that this universe contains, you will never feel like you lost at finding true love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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