Trust me when I say this, no one is lucky and has life easy. Life doesn’t get easier with time. Losses, heartbreaks, and obstacles don’t come to an end for anyone. The dust settles momentarily and resumes.

People that are seen as lucky are happier because they choose to change their perspective, become stronger, more resilient and learn to be more forgiving.

These people, who are known to be lucky, respectfully shift their energy on what doesn’t serve them and focus on the inevitable calm after the storm. They don’t let obstacles define or deter them from their goals and happiness. They learn from optimistic people and implement change with courage, a lot of courage! They self reflect and think about their actions and the ripples of happiness and sorrow they can create. They believe in giving back a smile and a hand to those in need, even when they need it the most. They know they are self-sufficient and have all the power, deep in their soul, to come out strong.

These lucky ones don’t waste time questioning God why obstacles come in their way. Instead, they tell the world to try them again and they continue to evolve into what they are destined to be. The world toughens and shapes them to give them all that they prayed for, and they remain on standby for what the world might throw at them because they know that nothing in life comes easy.

They’re ready – they’re always ready and have prepared themselves over time. These people know that God gave them battles they can bounce back from making them a fighter, a warrior and a survivor.

It is, without a doubt, that the strong and resilient ones become known as the lucky ones. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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