The 7 After Break Up Deadly Sins 

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Sometimes break ups feel like the end of the world, and sometimes we even want them to be. Nevertheless, you’re still going to wake up in the morning, and its up to you to make the best out of a bad situation.

1. DO NOT make it the one thing you can talk about for weeks on end.

WE get it, he was different, and you have no idea what you did wrong. News flash, we’ve all been there. It’s a two way street though, and if you can bet money on the fact that he’s not thinking about it, then you shouldn’t be whining about it still. As your friends, it is our job to be there for you and console you, but when you are still blubbering, and hiding out in your room a month later, then its time we put our foot down and tell you whats up. So, this is probably some of the best advice you’ll ever get: STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. All friends usually allow a 2-3 week grace period of sulking, after that you better suck it up and look on the bright side because the sun is definitely going to come up tomorrow. The truth is, not too many people actually care


We’ve all been here, and for many it is the point of no return. The amount of girls who still continue to call and text their ex boyfriends is ridiculous. We are constantly remembering things as better than they were, when in actuality, the reason that the relationship is over is most likely because it was complete horse shit. Speaking from experience, you’re doomed for an endless cycle of mental torture and confusion if you don’t block him on that mobile device of yours. We all know that the “just friends” shenanigan really means that you are still emotionally attached. Stopping all contact with that individual is the first step to actually moving on.

3. DO NOT make it look like it affected you.

The whole “lost puppy”, depressed, act gets really old. I personally can’t stand it when girls give themselves complete make overs or chop off all their hair after a break up. WHY?!?!?! Do you not understand that he looks exactly the same and you look like you just took a trip to the looney bin? Altering your appearance and changing yourself drastically in any way, shape, or form just proves that he wins. We are better than that, and we we should all know better than to give him that kind of satisfaction. Be true to yourself, and don’t ever change who you are while you are with someone or after you are with someone.

4. DO NOT get wasted and throw up on yourself, the floor, or your friends

Not that I personally have ever done this or anything. Given, the floor will be a lot more forgiven than your friends, but there really is no excuse for this one ladies. No matter what you tell yourself, it’s not worth consuming massive amounts of alcohol. You wake up feeling like shit, you ruin your friends night, and you most likely embarrassed yourself in front of the person who caused you so much pain in the first place. We think that by consuming that much alcohol we’ll forget about our problems and wake up feeling brand new. WRONG. You wake up with the feeling like you might have actually given yourself liver damage in one night, AND you still remember the guy who broke your heart. This is definitely a lose-lose situation, and we should all be stronger than the belligerent, helpless, too-drunk girl at the bar.

5. DO NOT stalk the new girl he is dating.

We are all guilty of it, and it is always a complete waste of time and energy. I know its hard, but if she finds out, this also lets her know that she has something to hold above your head. It creates drama, and checking up on someone you don’t even know is really, really, REALLY creepy. Do not use the internet to your advantage on this one and read a book or something. The truth is, your better off just not knowing. Be the better person and just avoid that situation all together. You will save your self a lot of time. In this case, google, Instagram, and Facebook are most certainly not your friends.

6. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT sleep with anyone who gives you attention.

We all hear about those girls who like to have a little too much fun, and we all, for the most part,  judge them. One night stands are great after a breakup, but it is also a very good idea to not build yourself a bad reputation by sleeping with anything that moves. You don’t want to be that girl that walks into the party and every other girl in the room starts talking about you. Its embarrassing, and it makes it hard to have yourself respected by men. I know, I know, men have sex with so many girls and they don’t get a bad rep, but we have sex with one and suddenly everyone thinks your a slut. It sucks, but the truth is that we’re girls, and we just get stuck with these kind of labels sometimes. Moral of the story is that its better to be preventative rather than reactive with this. Just be smart, and remember that if you start having too many rebounds and one night stands then you’ll only end up with STD’s and rumors. Again, its a lose-lose situation. Stick to the one and done rule. Okay, maybe two and done. After that, its time to channel all of that pent up energy and emotion elsewhere, like studying! (ha ha). No but really, keep your morals in line, and never ever lose sight of them.

7. DO NOT overthink.

Whatever he is saying, doing, or screwing isn’t about you, and it doesn’t concern you anymore for that matter either. Honestly, his life is none of your business now. It sucks, and it is absolutely brutal to accept this fact, but it eventually happens. When you finally realize that his latest post wasn’t about you or aimed at you, then you really know that you’re going to be okay. Maybe not now, maybe not in a month, but it’ll happen, and you will be fine. The second that you stop analyzing every action and every word, the second that you stop searching for some hidden message or meaning, and the second that you stop being so obsessive about it is when you know you’re on the path to recovery. If he has the courtesy to say “hello” to you when you run into him, which will inevitably happen, just leave it at that. Do not think about what the “hello” meant because it meant “hello” and thats it. The “WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!” thought that spins in your brain whenever you hear about him, what he’s doing, or what he’s saying needs to disappear. It all means nothing. Sorry to burst the bubble of hope, but we all need to stop lying to ourselves and realize that his world does not revolve around us. Its not a game, and there usually is no mystery meaning behind every single thing he does. It is up to us to stop over thinking. And, lets face it, if he was trying to get our attention, then he would probably do more than like your picture. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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