11 Annoying Things Interracial Couples Are Used To Dealing With

Amazon / The Mindy Project
Amazon / The Mindy Project

Relationships are an interesting roller coaster ride but being in an interracial relationship really throws you for some curves. We live in a time where there’s certainly more acceptance of interracial couples in the media, and as a whole, but there are still awkward moments we encounter. Especially from (ignorant) people who have never experienced interracial dating.

Here’s a few struggles we deal with on a weekly basis:

1. When you first start dating, each other’s race is all anyone can talk about.

2. People say weird, sexual things as if your relationship is just a “fetish.”

3. People assume you’re not dating — and you constantly have to correct them.
4. People always say your mixed-race babies are going to be “soooooo cute!” 

5. Or worse, people say, “But you know your kids will be half white/black/Hispanic/etc” like it’s a bad thing!

6. You pronounce things differently. Or you call things by different names. “No honey, it’s not dreadlocks. My hair isn’t dreadful. It’s just locks.”

7. People use your relationship as an example that there is no longer racism. Um, no.

8. Just because you fell in love doesn’t mean it’s always easy to have a conversation about racism.

9. People think you’re “self-hating” and assume you have something against dating someone from your race. Nope, things just happened this way.

10. Everyone makes a Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? reference when you mention you’re going to meet the parents. Clever…not.

11. Getting comfortable with standing out like a sore thumb sometimes. Then getting depressed that you still stand out like a sore thumb in 2015. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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