Science Figured Out The 4 Types Of People Most Prone To Overeating

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Flickr / rpavich

We all have our vices. But in a world filled with Pinterest boards and foodie blogs, we can all attest to the fact that our love for food binds us together. But here’s the thing: too much of it can be bad for you — and psychologists have found that there are four types of people who are more likely to overeat.

According to a Swiss study, certain personality traits affect whether you’re more susceptible to tasty treats, like pizza and chocolate (the bad boys of the food pyramid — here are a few things you can eat instead).

Wondering where you fit? Well, here are four traits that are particularly affected:

1. Sensitive People

There is a reason why romantic comedies tend to begin using the “ice cream” cliché when their female protagonist is going through a break-up. The study found that emotional eating is definitely something that sensitive people are more likely to engage in.

2. Extroverts

You might assume introverts would be the ones to eat a lot. After all, you’re more inclined to go on a food bender if no one is wagging their finger at you, but this study says differently. It’s actually your extroverted counterpart who has been nominated for the “most likely to overeat” award. Why? Simply, because they tend to eat out more, leading to larger portions. Yeesh, sounds expensive.

3. Neurotic People

The same study found that people who are neurotic also fall victim to emotional eating, due to their instability. They’re also more likely to indulge in sweet and savory foods.

4. People Pleasers

If you’re the type of person who hates conflict, then you’re more likely to pile it “thanksgiving style” on your plate. Another study found that those who are “people pleasers” tend to eat more in company, in order to make others feel comfortable. After all, who wants to be the person going for the salad bar while everyone else is enjoying burgers and fries? Just saying. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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