Humor Makes For Better Sex: Funny Dudes Are Better In Bed

Flickr / Franca Gimenez
Flickr / Franca Gimenez

There is something about a funny man that is truly sexy. There are some comedians out there that aren’t conventionally attractive but because they’re hilarious we crush HARD. (Looking at you, Louis C.K.) Well, a new study has found that funny men are not only attractive to women but they’re really good in bed, too!

A study published in Evolutionary Psychology journal found that class clowns are more attractive to the opposite sex, in general, and that women initiate sex and have more orgasms more frequently with men with a sense of humor.

But why are women so drawn to guys with a sense of humor to begin with?

“Men with a good sense of humor tend to have better social skills and self-confidence,” Dr. Gordon G. Gallup Jr., co-author of the study tells YourTango. “Women in committed relationships with males who have a good sense of humor also feel better protected by their partners, perhaps because humor can take the edge off of otherwise dangerous situations and/or encounters.”

“Another important consideration is that humor is a proxy for intelligence and creativity. Therefore, males with a good sense of humor probably have multifaceted advantages when it comes to getting good jobs and making more money,” continues Dr. Gallup Jr.

Funny fellas, we’re coming for you — not that we weren’t before — but more than ever, now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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