5 Reasons You’re (Still) Into That Guy With A Girlfriend

1. You hooked up with them before they found “the one”

Even if it was just a one night stand you had no intention of pursuing, you now place yourself in the shoes of that girl who he currently Eskimo kisses with every greeting and brings coffee to at work. And now that he’s apparently settled down, you want it.

2. You deeply regret this decision to not pursue this man

Because as he whispers sweet nothings into the ear of his bae, you either hate the sight of them or your eyes are too cloudy to see them from the stream of tears pouring out of your eyes as you binge eat a pint o’Jerrys and watch “The Fault in Our Stars” alone on Saturday night.

3. You think you want to be single

But deep deep down there is a tiny little voice stuck on repeat that squeaks, “I’m lonely”, and you deserve to be happy and feel loved. This makes you envious of every happy couple within a 100 yard radius, since the closest thing you’ve had to a significant other aside from your bipolar fish was him.

4. Teen fan fiction has proven to us that ye olde love triangle is an infectious and addicting phenomena of our generation

The lust, the tension, it’s a guilty pleasure in which modern- day society often indulges. Everyone roots for the unconventional underdog, who on the big screen always seems to be casted as infinitely more attractive than the supposed significant other.

5. Admit it, who doesn’t like a little challenge?

*Insert motivational quote about never giving up here* Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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