We Are Going To Conquer The Distance

Leo Hildago
Leo Hildago

There are no accidents in this life. Meeting you wasn’t an accident. It didn’t happen by chance.

I was meant to meet you at exactly the time you first came into my life, when you walked toward me with a smile so shy you could barely look me in the eye. The night you ordered salmon and orange juice and we talked about our families and passions and all of the things we were going to do with our lives.

I didn’t know then, as you sat across the table from me, that you were going to change my life. But we never realize when something life-changing is about to happen, do we?

We’re too wrapped up in other things, things we think are important. Too busy thinking about mistakes that we believe are life-shattering, the end of time as we know it.

But we always get through those times, and during them there are things that appear and alter the purpose of our existence.

You were one of those things. You are one of those things. Still. Three and a half years later.

We’ve literally conquered oceans, the ones that acted as barriers between us. Ones with waves so enormous we thought we would drown as we tried to navigate them.

But we didn’t drown. We aren’t going to. We’re going to continue swimming through the swell rather than be swept away by it.

There are many things I try to say to you, things that I can only manage to get out when you’re asleep and dreaming, when it is too late for me to say them.

But I am saying them now. I am saying them, to myself.

Even when my voice is too far to reach you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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