To All Of The Girls That Society Has Broken

Damian Borja
Damian Borja

I’m sorry that society has taken a hand in breaking you, in beating you down.

I’m sorry that it has lied to you for so long, that is has told you a hundred times over that you are not good enough. I’m sorry it has told you that you don’t deserve to feel good about yourself, that you aren’t allowed to celebrate your uniqueness, that you should instead despair over all the ways you are not like the people they plaster on billboards and display on the covers of magazines.

I’m sorry that everyone around you has bought into the lies, that they speak them as truths and use them as a compass to guide them, a manual on how to see and treat others.

I’m sorry that you are forced to live in a word feeling as if you are the only one who sees past the bullshit, past the absurdities of Hollywood and the inane culture of celebrity.

I’m sorry that other people try and tell you that you’re wrong as you voice your opinions, that they try to stifle you because your words stand for something different.

Because the truth is you deserve so much better. The truth is that you deserve more.

You deserve more than a culture which tells you that your outer self speaks to the amount of respect and praise you should receive in life. You deserve more than to be reduced to tears inside the blank walls of a fitting room because you cannot fit into a size that a corrupt fashion industry has deemed acceptable and beautiful.

You deserve to see yourself projected on movie screens, to be proven able to fall in love, to go on adventures, to be cherished by another and to succeed in changing the world. You deserve to be shown that you are capable and deserving of a happy ending, rather than one that ends in tragedy and despair because of who or how you love.

I want you to know that one day you will receive all of the things that you deserve and more.

I want you to know that the world is changing and that it will continue to change if you help make it so.

I want you to know that all of those who tell you that change is not possible, that this is the inevitable state of the world, say this because they benefit from their own negativity and conservatism, that it helps them remain safe and unchallenged within the vastness of an unpredictable world.

Do not believe them.
Keep voicing your truth.

Show them all that you are valid, no matter what societal norm you dare to shatter and redefine.

You are your own truth.
You are your own reality.
You will help change the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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