45 Little Ways To Say I Love You Without Actually Saying It That Will Melt Your Girlfriend’s Heart

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1. Come up behind her and wrap your arms around her waist when she’s not looking. Stay there for longer than just a second.

2. Tell her why she’s beautiful instead of just saying it.

3. Tag her in a funny instagram that will make her smile when she’s at work.

4. Leave her a note on the bathroom mirror that says something you know will make her happy.

5. Make her coffee in the morning so she doesn’t have to do it herself before she goes to work.

6. Wipe her mascara tears away when she cries.

7. Slow dance with her in the kitchen for no reason at all other than to be close to her.

8. Cook her dinner (even if it’s boxed Mac N Cheese).

9. Pour her a glass of wine and bring it to her while she’s sitting on the couch and you know she wants one.

10. Plug in the heating pad when she has menstrual cramps.

11. Buy her tampons when she’s running out and needs them.

12. Have her favorite ice cream stocked in the fridge when she’s on her period.

13. Don’t watch your shared favorite show without her EVER.

14. Throw some of her laundry into the wash when you’re doing a load so she doesn’t have to.

15. Make her soup when she’s sick.

16. Put a small trash can or bucket next to her bed when she goes to bed drunk.

17. Hold her hair back when she’s puking from getting too drunk.

18. Get her Pedialyte or Gatorade when she’s hungover.

19. When you go to CVS bring home her favorite candy because you were thinking of her while you were there.

20. Love her dog just as much as you love her.

21. Take care of her dog like it’s your baby.

22. Same goes with any other animal she might have (cats, hamsters, iguanas).

23. Invite her as a plus one to your best friend’s wedding.

24. Invite her to your grandmother’s 90th birthday party and tell her to not feel obligated to come.

25. Cover her with a blanket when she falls asleep on the couch.

26. If she’s ever crying, tell her you don’t want her to cry.

27. Brush her hair back from her face when she’s upset.

28. Water her plants for her when she’s away.

29. Bond with her sibling(s).

30. Bond with her mom.

31. And her dad.

32. Bond with her grandmother.

33. and grandfather.

34. Talk about the future.

35. Kiss her forehead when she’s asleep.

36. Hold her hand when you’re walking down the street together.

37. Send her a text telling her you miss her when she’s away.

38. Send her a text when you’re out with all of your guy friends to let her know you’re still thinking about her even though you’re not supposed to be.

39. Bring her flowers just because it’s Tuesday and she deserves them.

40. Let her know you recognize how hard she works.

41. Give her a hug when she’s stressing about something that’s completely overwhelming her.

42. When she has an exam to study for help make her flash cards.

43. When she has to stay late at work, leave her something already made in the fridge to have ready when she gets home.

44. Watch a chick-flick with her even if you hate them.

45. Kiss her when you know she thinks she looks terrible, letting her know you don’t care, and that she never truly looks terrible to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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