19 Boring Moments That Happen In Long-Term Relationships That Actually Mean Your Love Is Still Strong

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Becca Tapert

1. You give each other career advice. You revise the email they’re about to send to their boss, or you help them update their resumé, and it’s because you care about their success. Boring, but the act is done with love.

2. You pick out furniture together. You plan a weekend to go couch shopping and you go to 5 different stores throughout the entire day to make sure you’ve exhausted all of your options.

3. You decide what color to paint your wall. You look at every shade possible and they begin to sound like beer drafts, “Should we go with Amber Ale or Raspberry Oak?” After 2 hours they all begin to look the same anyway.

4. You go house plant shopping together.
You want something that you won’t kill, but also something that looks exotic and vibrant. You never thought you’d spend your Friday night in Home Depot’s garden section.

5. You never watch your favorite show without each other.
It’s ‘Our’ show! Not ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ but ‘ours.’

6. You occasionally like to spend the night with each other rather than out with all of your friends. Sometimes you just want time to enjoy each other in the comfort of your own home, and not in a dimly lit bar where you have to scream at the top of your lungs to hear each other.

7. You fart in front of each other. More gross than boring, but it means the comfort level is there. When the love is strong, you kind of just let em’ rip.

8. You spend an entire hour talking about a book you both read. You argue about the cliffhanger at the end for the entire night.

9. You plan a day of the weekend to clean the house. Saturday is for sweeping. Sunday is for dusting.

10. You assign each other chores. ‘You do the toilets and I’ll do the showers.’

11. You fall asleep to nature documentaries. On the nights you’re too tired to have sex, you’re falling asleep to Netflix documentaries about little baby pandas or giant dragons in china that look a lot like alligators.

12. You can’t decide what to eat for dinner. There’s nothing more to say about this I think every couple can relate to this.

13. You get really excited about ordering your favorite take-out. You’ve been waiting all day for that Thai green curry.

14. You get really excited about the new season of your favorite show
coming out that you’ve been waiting on FOR-EV-ER. You can’t even remember what happened last season it’s been so long.

15. You do DIY projects on the weekends.
You designate specific weekends to build your own recycled barn wood dining room table. You’re both really excited to put those power-tools to use and to see whether or not the final product will look the way it did on Pinterest.

16. You go clothes shopping together.
And you wait in the dressing room while they say they won’t come out because whatever they’re trying on looks terrible. And then you finally coax them out and tell them they look great.

17. You decide on which dog bed to buy for your dog.
You both agree your dog needs something comfortable, but also something that goes with your living room sofa.

18. You get excited about picking out a new comforter for your bed. You’ve had that same comforter for ages and it will change the entire aesthetic of your bedroom when you get a new one.

19. You actually print out photos to fill those empty picture frames you got as gifts. Who gets photos printed anymore? You do when you have to decorate your living space with photos of how much you two love each other…and your dog. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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