16 Men On The One Thing That Made Them Fall In Love (And Stay In Love) With Their Significant Other

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1. “Her positivity. When I’m with her I just feel like everything is going to be okay. She calms me.” — Taylor, 28

2. “Her independence. She doesn’t NEED to be with me, she WANTS to be with me. I can’t stand needy. She has her own life and while she shares it with me, she doesn’t revolve her world around mine, and I actually love that about her.” — Jeff, 28

3. “She’s not jealous. I’ve been in so many relationships with women who constantly question whether I’m really into them, whether I’m checking out the waitress or want to be with someone who’s prettier, skinnier, smarter than them, and in all of those relationships the only thing that made me less attracted to them was their insecurity.” — Drew, 27

4. “She’s reasonable. She doesn’t make outrageous ultimatums like if you don’t propose to me in 3 months I’m leaving (true story). The things she wants from me make sense and don’t make me feel pressured.” — Ken, 26

5. “She has no problem telling me how she really feels. She doesn’t pretend like everything is okay when it’s not and she doesn’t expect me to read her mind if she does. If she has a problem, she tells me. If there’s something she’s concerned about, she tells me. She doesn’t hold anything back, and I appreciate that.” — Anthony, 25

6. “Her laugh, and her excitement for life in general. She gets excited about the little things and she makes everyone around her excited for them too. Her energy is basically contagious.” — Thomas, 26

7. “She’s confident in who she is. She doesn’t apologize for being herself. She embraces her quirks instead of trying to hide them. I love it.” — Ricky, 28

8. “She’s always willing to try new things. Long term relationships can get really monotonous, not boring, just very one note. I love my girlfriend with all of my heart, but if she weren’t as willing to spice things up and keep things as fresh as she is, I don’t know. I don’t think our relationship would be as strong, or fun.” — Logan, 30

9. “She’s a really strong person. She doesn’t let things she can’t control discourage her. When shit hits the fan, she just keeps on going. She doesn’t complain about how bad it all sucks, she just does what she can to make it better.” — Alex, 27

10. “He sticks to his word. If he says she’s going to do something he does it.” — Kevin, 26

11. “Her sensitivity. She’s a cryer, but she is also really good at handling other people’s emotions. I’ve never felt embarrassed or scared to show her how I feel. She makes me feel comfortable enough to be a little vulnerable, which is something I rarely ever do.” — Derek, 28

12. “She’s just silly. She’s someone I can always count on to make everything more fun. I look forward to coming home from work every day and just laughing with her even if all we’re doing is sitting on the couch.” — James, 27

13. “She’s smart. She has actual opinions and she’s not afraid to voice them. I love that I can have a conversation with her and actually feel challenged.” — Lukas, 26

14. “Her flexibility. Not physically, but every other way. She was always willing to compromise. It wasn’t her way or nothing, it was this is the way I want to do things, and this is the way you want to do things, let’s meet somewhere in the middle because we both clearly love each other.” — Carl, 29

15. “Her determination. She has tons of dreams and I have no doubt she’ll make them all happen. She works hard and it makes me want to work harder.” — Jerald, 28

16. “Her affection. She always makes me feel loved. If I’ve had a bad day at work, a hug from her literally fixes everything.” — Michael, 29 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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