For Anyone Wondering Why He Couldn’t Love You

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Daniel Garcia

Why could he love her and not you? Why couldn’t he love you at all?

Why couldn’t he look at you like every part of you amazed him, not just your outsides but your insides too? Why couldn’t he see the parts of you that take a little longer to discover? Why couldn’t he take the time to peel back the layers, to knock down the walls, to at least stand in front of them and ask to be let in? Why couldn’t he take his time to try and love you? Why was he in such a rush? And even if he wasn’t, would it have made any difference? If he had taken his time, would it have been enough to make him love you? How long does it take to convince him you’re worth loving?

Why couldn’t he listen to your dreams and aspirations and really hear them? Why couldn’t he think, she’s going to have it all? Why couldn’t he dream of having it all with you? Why couldn’t he believe in you so much that it made you believe in yourself more than you already do? Why couldn’t he stay with you long enough to see you make it all happen? How long does it take to convince him you’re worth loving?

Why couldn’t he accept you? Why couldn’t he see your flaws as the small parts that add up to the whole sum of the person that is you? Why couldn’t he realize that your weaknesses are just as important as your strengths, that all of your imperfections are the little stars that make the larger constellation? Why couldn’t he stay long enough to see that your weaknesses would eventually make you grow to be a better person? How long does it take to convince him you’re worth loving?

I don’t know the answer to why he couldn’t love you. I don’t know if he didn’t see the wonderful things that everyone else sees, I don’t know if he saw them and just took them for granted. I don’t know if he left too early to know who you really are, I don’t know if he got a taste and just didn’t want more. I don’t know why he couldn’t love you, and I’m not sure you’ll ever know either, but I do know that there’s no amount of time that will convince someone to love you.

Love isn’t something you convince yourself or someone else to give, it’s not something you have to prove you’re worthy of, it’s something you choose. No amount of time will convince him you’re worth loving. If he doesn’t realize that already, than he doesn’t deserve you.

If what he does, and not just what he says, shows that he thinks you’re not worth loving, that you’re just not enough to keep his heart fully there, don’t try to change his mind. You deserve someone who’s mind is made up. You deserve someone who knows you’re worthy of their love, someone who doesn’t make you wait only to be disappointed. You’re worth loving, you always have been and you always will be, and if he’s too dense to know that, no amount of time will make him realize it. Go find someone who doesn’t need convincing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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