10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Grown-Ass Woman

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1. She has a life without you.

She knows who she is and what matters to her, and she doesn’t forget about that just because she’s in a relationship. Sure, you mean the world to her, and she shows you that with every bit of love she has left in her, but she also knows who she is without you. She doesn’t lose herself in your relationship. She isn’t afraid to do things on her own and she understands that just because the two of you are a couple does not mean you are one person. You each have your own identity and she never forgets that.

2. She doesn’t hide her feelings.

She will tell you when something is wrong, and she won’t act like she’s okay when she’s not. She knows her feelings aren’t wrong, they’re just hers. And sometimes, yes, they might be illogical, but she doesn’t feel wrong for having them. She doesn’t tell you her feelings so that she can apologize for them, she tells you them because honest communication is the only way to release them without setting herself on fire. She doesn’t bottle up her feelings so that one day they can explode. She tells you them so she remains intact, so your whole relationship doesn’t blow up and become so burned you can’t fix it.

3. She doesn’t care who you follow on social media.

Whether it’s a former playboy bunny, or an instagram account devoted to Subaru, she doesn’t care who you follow on social media because none of that stuff is real when it comes to your relationship. She connects with you in real time, and that’s the most important connection she wants to form. Sure she’ll tag you in funny memes or comment on cute quotes saying ‘That’s so us!’ but she knows that the connection you two have IRL is more important than any instagram account will ever be, whether you follow it or not.

4. She tells you the truth.

Even if it hurts. She won’t lie to you to save herself, or you. She knows that honesty forms trust, and a grown-ass woman won’t risk screwing that up.

5. She trusts you.

She trusts that if she doesn’t lie to you, you’ll reciprocate the same respect. She trusts you because she’s confident in your relationship, and she’s confident in your commitment to it. She doesn’t question who you’re texting or why you were out later than you said you would be, she trusts that you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t be and she hopes you never would. She hopes that your relationship is more important than all of the bullshit everyone else worries about.

6. She takes care of herself.

She doesn’t forget about her well-being, both physically and mentally, just because she’s in a relationship. She knows the things she needs to work on and she’s not afraid of the effort it will take to work on them.

7. She’s not afraid to ask for help when she needs it.

She’s independent and strong, but she’s human. She can’t do everything on her own and she isn’t ashamed of that. She leans on the ones she loves when she needs them because she knows those are the people who will support her through anything. She isn’t embarrassed about asking for your help, she’s smart enough to know it takes courage to ask.

8. She admits when she’s done something wrong.

She occasionally messes up, and when she does, she owns up to it. She isn’t going to lie or hide behind twisted truths. She’s going to admit that what she did was wrong, and she’s going to do what she can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. She’s going to make sure that however she fucks up, it will eventually make your relationship stronger.

9. She doesn’t leave when things get difficult.

All relationships have their difficulties, but she doesn’t look for the quickest exit when life gets complicated or frustrating or just plain exhausting. Life happens, some of it is out of our control, and some of it isn’t, but her love for you is the one thing that stays consistent.

10. She makes you feel loved.

You never have to wonder whether or not she loves you. A grown woman gives you full love because she doesn’t know how to give anything less. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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