You’re My Favorite Person To Come Home To

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Toa Heftiba

You’re my favorite person to come home to because your touch is comfort, your embrace is peace. When I’m scared and you’re not there, I imagine your hand in mine, your kiss against my forehead, your whisper in my ear, telling me everything will be alright. That’s what your presence does for me, it calms, it comforts, it makes me feel safe in every way I need to feel it. That’s why I love coming home to you, because I know the second I walk through that door and see your smiling face, all of my worries will suddenly drift, and even if they won’t completely disappear, you make the troubling thoughts seem so much less significant.

You’re my favorite person to come home to because you assure me that if today felt entirely way too long, if today was just too much to handle, it will be over soon enough, that each day passes whether it’s painstakingly unbearable or not. You tell me I’ll get through it, and somehow I believe you. You make me believe in myself.

You’re my favorite person to come home to because just when I feel like maybe home is somewhere I should never leave, maybe staying will feel better than saying goodbye, maybe comfort isn’t supposed to be challenged, you remind me that it’s okay to leave. It’s good to go, to see, to explore, to do new things, to find out what this world is like on your own. That not everything has to be done with the people you already know, the people you’re familiar with, the people you keep close. Because new things are scary, new places and new people are too, but thinking of home makes me less afraid, thinking of you gives me courage.

You’re my favorite person to come home to because when I’m away I don’t feel guilty for being happy, for having fun, for genuinely enjoying myself wherever I may be. I’m not remorseful when I return home, like I did something wrong. Like my leaving was something I wasn’t supposed to do. You’ve never made me feel sorry for experiencing happiness without you there. No resentment. No jealousy. Just love. When I’m home you love me like you always do, like I never left.

You’re my favorite person to come home to because you are home to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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