Love Someone Who Won’t Give Up On You

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Love someone who doesn’t see your struggles as an inconvenience. Someone who doesn’t feel pestered by your problems because they know your problems aren’t something you asked for or ever wanted. Someone who understands that if you could make these bad things go away, you could.

Love that person.

The person who won’t quit. The person who won’t make you feel bad for feeling lost, or alone, or tired. Who won’t guilt you for not feeling like yourself. Love someone who just wants to help, someone who won’t stop loving you when they realize maybe they can’t.

Love someone who doesn’t force you to be anyone other than who you really are, even if some days you don’t know who that person is. Someone who doesn’t subconsciously force you to fake that you’re okay, when you’re just not. Someone who knows the difference between “I’m okay,” when it’s real, and when it’s anything but.

Someone who knows when your happiness is genuine. When your smile happens just because something was so light and joyous that it made you forget about all of your troubles for just a moment. Love someone who brings that smile out of you. Love someone who can make you happy for just a second in the hours you feel your worst.

Love someone who doesn’t hold grudges over things that aren’t worth it. Someone who loves you at the end of every day. Someone who doesn’t just proclaim their love, but shows it. Someone who makes you feel loved, because they know feeling unloved is terrible.

Love that person.

The person who wants to be with you, even when shit hits the fan. The person who sees you at rock bottom and doesn’t just look down and watch you hopelessly, the person who reaches out to help you back up.

Love someone who is there for you. Someone who knows the difference between saying they’ll be there, and actually doing it. Love someone who keeps their promises, someone who doesn’t make them if they know they can’t be kept.

Love that person.

The person who isn’t in and out of your life, but the person who stayed. Because when someone wants to be with you, they will be, and while love has its difficulties, real love happens simply. Real love is felt without doubts, without second guessing. It’s felt with certainty and comfort.

Real love is the person who won’t give up on you, the person who loves you so incredibly much, they wouldn’t even know how.  Love that person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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