How A Career In The Air Force Can Be A Traveler’s Dream

What does it mean to serve your country in the United States Air Force? Why not ask the Airmen who do it themselves? In partnership with the Air Force, Thought Catalog is giving you answers to the most frequently asked questions about serving as an Airman.

While service in the Air Force is an important commitment of your time and effort, it also comes with so many rewarding benefits from education to life insurance to healthcare, and one of the greatest benefits of all, travel. This is how a career in the Air Force can be a traveler’s dream.

See The World

Many careers in the Air Force allow you to travel to many different countries all across the world. You may get to visit places you never thought you would at home and abroad, like Dubai, Hawaii, Italy, Germany.

You may get to see a world you’ve only read about in books or seen on movie screens, and experience it for yourself. A traveler loves looking at a map remembering all the different places they’ve been to, all the sights, smells and people they’ve met. A traveler cherishes every meaningful memory, and when you’re in the Air Force those sights, smells, people, and experience can be endless. A career in the Air Force could mean you’ve been to more places on the map than you haven’t.

Incredible Benefits

A career in the Air Force might mean traveling to many countries you may have never imagined you’d ever visit, but it also means you receive incredible benefits while doing so. Lots of entry-level jobs in the civilian workforce only give nominal, if any, paid vacation. The Air Force is different, giving you 30 days vacation with pay yearly. This generous amount of time off allows you the flexibility you need to enjoy some solid rest & relaxation. The Air Force will even help plan your vacation with you!

Airmen can also take advantage of available space on Air Force aircraft when they wish to travel. This means you could have easy access to many international destinations as well as almost any state in the United States!

Broaden Your Horizons

The many places you could travel while in the Air Force provide you with an entirely new outlook on life, the world, its many different cultures and people. You’ll see the world in a new way because you may get to see so much of it. One of the perks of traveling is opening your mind to places that are completely different than the home you’re used to. here will be some places you travel where you’ll have to work harder than you ever had—but the experiences you have may change your life forever.

Lasting Friendships

One of the many perks of traveling is making friends along the way. A travel buddy is a wonderful friend to have, but the friendships you create with a career in the Air Force feel more like family. You develop a unique bond and trust with people you’ll cherish and know for the rest of your life.

Love What You Do

You know you’re in the right career when you’re passionate about your work. The Air Force encourages you to pursue leadership, to further your knowledge and gain real-world experience. They foster motivation. With the support of the Air Force behind you, you’ll come to work each day with a sense of purpose, and that is a wonderful feeling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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