This Is How A Guarded Woman Loves Differently

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A guarded woman doesn’t hand you her heart on a silver platter. She doesn’t serve it with a side of spontaneity and say, “Dig in.” She’s much more careful than that. She needs time. She needs trust. She needs comfort. And her guard won’t break until she has all three.

A guarded woman doesn’t just fall in love, she approaches it.

She slowly walks towards love’s edge and every step she takes brings more fear along with it. And that fear makes the walk even farther. Each step brings her closer and closer to falling in love, but she looks back and sees footprints of the past. She sees where she’s going, and it reminds her of where she’s been. It reminds her of the times she felt that everything was right, when it wasn’t, when infatuation ended in sudden heartbreak and disappointment, when she thought it was love, but it was really just loneliness.

She remembers what it felt like, like she wasn’t good enough to be in love, real love. And she remembers how after it happened, she’d be a little more cautious the next time around. And that’s where her guard began, that’s where it started, somewhere between heartbreak and loneliness. And this is why the guarded woman loves differently. She might not give you all of her heart at once, but when she trusts you, she’ll give you one hell of a love that makes it worth the wait.

A guarded woman doesn’t jump into love until you show her it’s okay to fall.

And when she realizes that, she stops looking back and starts looking forward. She slowly stops reminding herself of every love that didn’t last, every love that broke her, every love that made her question whether she was worth it, and she begins to love in a way she never has. Because the love a guarded woman gives is more meaningful than any love that’s ever broken her.

The love a guarded woman gives is never partial or uncertain. It doesn’t make you question or doubt. It doesn’t leave you feeling empty. Her love is full. It is satisfying and sure. Because a guarded woman won’t fall in love until she knows it’s real.

Her guard doesn’t make her incapable of love. It shows her that real love defeats the fear of falling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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