She Wants Someone Who Will Love Her As She Is

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She wants someone who will love her as she is. Someone who appreciates the things about herself she thinks are weird or quirky, the things about herself she thinks no one else will ‘get,’ the things she knows are different, but make her who she is.

She wants someone who will love all of her. Someone who will call attention to her imperfections because they’re the parts he loves about her most. Someone who will make her see that her imperfections aren’t flaws, they’re strengths because no one is perfect, and the people who try to be usually end up disappointed.

She wants someone who will be there for her. Someone who doesn’t only think about himself. Someone who asks her how she is, how her day was, someone who asks her what’s wrong when they can tell that something’s off. Someone who doesn’t necessarily try to make it right, but to at least make it better. Someone who tries to make her smile if she’s spent the whole day crying, or worrying, or stressing about things that might not even matter, or things that really do.

She wants someone who tries to make the pain go away. Someone who holds her and tells her everything will be alright, even if he doesn’t know that for certain. Someone who will wipe away the tears, attempt to clean up the mess of life that sometimes happens, someone who will stay when things aren’t wonderful and vibrant, someone who will stay when things are difficult and dark. Someone who stays because of how much she means to him, because of how their love has changed him, how it’s changed both of them together.

She wants someone who makes her feel comfortable. Someone who encourages her to just be herself. Someone she can be silly with one moment and serious with the next. Someone who shows her a love that has more than one side, more than one mood or temperament, a love that feels new each day, a love that continues to make discoveries, a love that learns and grows.

She wants someone who can show her the kind of love she deserves, the kind of love everyone has always told her she deserves, but has never found. Someone who wraps their arms around her just because, because they want to feel close to her, because they love the way she feels, the way she makes them feel. Someone who looks at her the same way they did the first time they met, with that same interest, that same wonder and amazement, that same feeling like they just met someone really special.

She wants someone who loves her like every day is the beginning, with that same excitement the beginning brings. She wants someone who will love her continuously, not on or off or somewhere in between. She wants someone whose love is always there, and always will be.

She wants someone who truly cares about her. About what’s important to her, about her hopes and dreams, about her goals and aspirations, about what she truly wants from life, and what she hopes to give to those who are in it. She wants someone who hopes it all happens for her, someone who not only wants the best, but anticipates it. Someone who believes in her and all that she can do.

Someone who believes in her ability just as much as he believes in their love, about it’s capacity, and the crazy things it makes each of them do, about it’s faithfulness and loyalty, about it’s ability to withstand and sustain. Someone who has no doubts about her, about himself, or about their love together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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