8 Ways Your Forever Person Will Say, ‘I Love You,’ Without Actually Saying It

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1. They worry about you.

When they tell you to be careful when you’re out in a city you’ve never been to, when they tell you to drive safely, when they ask if you’ve arrived to wherever you’re going because you forgot to let them that know you did, they’re worrying about you. Their worry and concern says, ‘I love you,’ without actually saying it because they don’t know what they’d do if anything bad ever happened to you, they don’t know what they’d do without you.

2. They touch you.

Not in a creepy way. Not in a sexual way. They wrap their arms around your waist when you’re at the kitchen sink, they kiss your cheek each morning when you’re still in bed and they have to leave for work, they grab your hand while they’re driving and look at you and smile. Their touch says, ‘I love you,’ without actually saying it.

3. They tease you.

Not in a way that confuses you or makes you feel bad about yourself, they tease you in a playful way. They tease you about the silly, crazy, quirky things that have everything to do with the person you are. When you put coffee grinds in the coffee maker and forget to turn it on, when you lock yourself out of your apartment and have to call them to the rescue one too many times, when you break the wine cork and have to shove the broken half inside the bottle, they tease you because these haphazard things are just one of many reasons why they love you so much.

4. They make or buy you your favorite food just because they know you love it.

When your significant other stops at CVS on their way home from work because they need new deodorant, and they come home with a giant bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups, it’s because they’re thinking about how much they love you while they’re doing meaningless things like shopping for deodorant.

5. They go to your loud (often annoying) family parties and smile through the entire thing.

Even when they’re dying to leave, and have spent the last hour talking to your elderly great uncle who suffers from chronic coffee breath, they remain pleasant and approachable, and it’s because they love you, and are more than willing to sacrifice one of many Saturday nights for you and any event your obliged to go to.

6. They do little favors for you to try and make your life easier.

They make coffee for you before you go to work, They put your wet, already-washed clothes in the dryer in case you fall asleep and forget, They clean up the kitchen after your late-night experiment with homemade egg-rolls leaves a greasy mess. They know life is hard, and they don’t want your life to be any harder than it has to be. The way they make life easier, is how they say, ‘I love you.’

7. They say and do the things they know will make you laugh.

They know how to instantly make you smile, even if you’re frustrated, even if you’re mad AF, even if you’re PMS crying, they say or do that one little thing, and you try not to smile. You think it’s completely unfair that they can bring light into any unpleasant situation, but you love them so incredibly much for it.

8. They make sure you feel loved.

When they don’t say it, they make sure you feel it. You feel loved by them every single day, and you don’t ever have to question it. They don’t make you question it. You don’t doubt their love because you always feel it’s there. When you’re with your forever person feeling love becomes more important than obsessively declaring it. Your forever person doesn’t have to say, ‘I love you,’ for you to know that they do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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