7 Fashionistas On The Benefits Of Shopping Local Through The Internet



“I’m a fashion blogger who is ALWAYS attempting to convince my readers that the coolest fashion finds are probably sitting in your backyard, or just around the corner. Shopping locally for anything in your wardrobe automatically makes you stand out, and I’m constantly looking for pieces that no one else has. Now I can get pieces no one else has, but not just in my hometown. Shopping locally through LocalSelects.com allows me to purchase those one of a kind pieces that I otherwise would never even know about, and that is something worth blogging about.” — Cassie, 33


“I’m obsessed with shopping, especially locally. I love discovering new local boutiques in my area and meeting all of the cool people who design even cooler clothes, but I’ve pretty much already discovered everything that’s around me. Whenever I travel I always designate a day for shopping, so I occasionally find some new hidden gems, but let’s be real, I can’t fly all over the world to discover the newest, coolest shops and designers, and now I don’t have to! This new LocalSelects.com experience is the future for fashion. I have a local market that I’ve never been to in the palm of my hand, literally. When someone asks me where I got my cute leather wallet, I can say I bought it from a local market, ONLINE, and that’s really cool.” — Amber, 29


“I’m all for online shopping. It’s convenient, it’s fast, and it fits into my busy schedule. The only thing I don’t like about online shopping is that it takes the fun out of the entire shopping experience, because shopping is an experience. You go to the store sometimes not even sure what exactly you’re looking for, and when you come across that special item that you know is absolutely perfect for you, you buy it and return home a happy woman, but finding something truly special, usually doesn’t happen in your typical shopping mall. With LocalSelects.com the special is still there because whatever you’re buying is from a local market with merchants and products you’ve never seen before. You have the convenience of online shopping, but the uniqueness of a local market.” — Isabella, 26


“I occasionally sew my own clothes because I have a specific vision of what I want to wear, and can’t find it anywhere. I’ve never sold them or attempted to, but I admire the people who do. It’s wonderful when you’re passionate about something you’ve created, and I think it’s really important to support the local community who does just that. With LocalSelects.com people can support local merchants and artisans from the comfort of their own home. Shopping locally online is my new favorite thing!” — Katherine, 34


“I think most, if not all, of my free Sundays in the summer are spent at local flea markets. It’s my favorite thing to do. I always find the best statement pieces for my apartment, eclectic coffee tables, artsy picture frames, basically my apartment is decorated entirely in flea market finds. As much as I love going to flea markets, sometimes my weekends are exhausting and when Sunday rolls around I just want to stay in my pajamas all day and relax. Shopping locally online through LocalSelects.com means I can continue to buy all of my artsy apartment furniture without ever leaving my apartment. It brings the flea market finds to me, which is wonderful.” — Macy, 28


“The cutest outfits I own are all from local markets and thrift stores, but living in a small town gives me a limited selection. Shopping in local markets online through LocalSelects.com makes that normally limited selection, endless. I have products that are located hundreds of miles away from me, at my fingertips, which means more cute outfits for me, and my Instagram. #OOTD.” — Penelope, 27


“I’ve got three kids all under the age of 9 which means free time or ‘me time’ is rare. It’s a struggle just getting to the grocery store, and trips to the mall? Forget it. I’ve become an expert in the field of online shopping simply because it’s so difficult to take the kids with me to an actual store. Now not only can I shop online, but I can shop locally online. It’s perfect for any busy mom who still wants to get out, shop, and find cool stuff all while making sure her kids don’t set the house on fire.” — Lisa, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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