13 Women Share The Things They Wish Guys Would NOT Be So Open About

For the men who wonder what women like to talk about, or if they’re oversharing, the ladies of r/AskWomen are revealing the things they’d rather not hear come out of your mouth.

1. What you’d like to change about me.

“When my partner tells me qualities he likes in a woman that I don’t have.”

2. Unsolicited dick pics.

“Sending dick pics. If I didn’t ask, don’t send!”

3. Bowel movements.

“SHITTING. Seriously, the guys I work with talk about it all the time. No one wants to know about that one time you took a big dump in a Home Depot.”

Who you dated before me.


4. Your preferences on makeup.

“How they feel the need to tell me they don’t like women that wear makeup.”

5. That you’ve slept with lesbians.

“How many “lesbians” they’ve slept with, and what they did with them. What do they expect me to say? ‘Ohhh, you’ve slept with lesbians before you say? Well then I take it back, I am totally attracted to you!'”

6. Any bodily functions.

“The gross things about their bodies. I don’t need to hear about your poop, and please don’t dutch oven me.”

7. How my appearance gives you a boner.

“I’m pretty sick of hearing about how a woman’s appearance makes a man’s penis feel.”

8. How you’re sick of being friend-zoned.

“The “friendzone” and how he’s always in there. There’s probably a reason for that, mate. Or all of his “crazy” exes and all the “totally crazy” shit they did like have emotions and expect not to be treated like doormats.

There are definitely some abusive women out there, but 9 times out of 10, when a guy is telling me about his “crazy” ex it sounds like she was just a normal girl who wouldn’t put up with his shitty behaviour.”

9. Dick talk.

“Anything involving their dick and /or balls needs to ✋ stop.”

10. If they have a ‘type’ of woman.

Their preferences or “types” when it comes to women, ESPECIALLY if they’re based on race.

11. When they think a girl on TV is hot.

“Fucking their exes, talking about how hot chicks on TV are. No one wants to hear about it.”

12. Who of our friends or family you think is sexy.

“Which people in our close group of friends/family they like to masturbate to. I don’t want to be the thought police, but there are inside thoughts and outside thoughts. I don’t need to know if you think your sister in law is hot.”

13. Asking my opinion of their penis.

“The pervasive need to get my opinion about their dicks. Those conversations usually start with ‘Can I ask you a question?'” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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