51 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend That Will Completely Make His Day


1. When I’m with you my bad day becomes a good one.

2. The best nights are spent with you.

3. You know why you’re special? Because I love you.

4. I have you, what more do I need?

5. If there were an award for best boyfriend, I’d give it to you.

6. Want to know one thing you’re REALLY good at? Making me the happiest girl alive.

7. Today was the longest day because I could not wait to see you at the end of it.

8. I’d compare my love for you to something great, but I don’t love anything the way I love you.

9. There’s a particular smile I get when I’m with you, and it’s definitely my favorite one.

10. It’s never a bad day if you’re in it.

11. You’re kind of amazing, and by kind of I mean you’re like the greatest thing ever.

12. You still give me butterflies every time I see you.

13. Your smile is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

14. Will I ever get bored of you? Probably not.

15. If I were to live on another planet I’d want to take you with me.

16. My hand likes your hand (hold hands).

17. I think you’re cute all of the time, not just sometimes.

18. You’re one of the better things that has happened to me.

19. I had a dream about you last night, and then woke up with you right next to me, and I was like ‘wow, my dreams are basically my reality.’

20. Your face makes me smile.

21. I thought about you way too much today.

22. I want to thank you for being you.

23. I could do absolutely nothing with you, and still have fun.

24. You’re too cute.

25. You’re the type of person who makes me wonder why I ever enjoyed being single.

26. How do you always know how to make me feel better?

27. I’d sit in a room full of crying babies for 5 hours if it meant being next to you.

28. You know what I love even more than (name favorite dessert/candy)? You. You know why? Because (favorite dessert/candy) can’t kiss me the way you do.

29. Your laugh makes me smile.

30. Do you try to be perfect or it just happens?

31. I wish I could kiss you every single time I wanted to, which would be basically all the time.

32. I can’t stop thinking about you.

33. If we were in a zombie apocalypse, I’d make sure the zombies ate me first.

34. If the zombies did get you first, I’d want you to eat my brains right after.

35. I don’t know what’s cuter, your (choose an attribute/quality) or your smile.

36. Why are you so amazing?

37. I like you, and your face.

38. No one can make me feel the way you do.

39. Even the things you do that annoy me, make me love you. How is that possible?

40. If I had a dollar for every time you run through my mind I probably wouldn’t need to work another day in my life.

41. You smell heavenly.

42. I would watch (tv show/movie you aggressively hate) everyday if it meant I could be with you.

43. Come closer, I want you near me.

44. I just want to cuddle you.

45. I’m my best when I’m with you.

46. The best nights are spent with you.

47. You mean the world to me.

48. Tomorrow will be a good day because it will start with you (for when you two will wake up together).

49. It doesn’t matter how this day began, all that matters is that now I’m with you.

50. I’ve been waiting to kiss you for far too long (after not seeing him for a day or two, or however long you’ve been apart).

51. You’re the one thing that made this already good day even better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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