When You Change Your Life For Love And Hope It’s All Worth It

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Emily & Steve Photography

Sometimes we compromise our wants and needs to maintain the love we have for someone else, and sometimes it works out, but other times it doesn’t. And you won’t know if it’s truly worth it until you try, until you fall backwards hoping this person will be behind you, waiting with two feet sturdy on the ground and arms ready to break your fall, to catch you so you don’t fall at all.

The skeptical part of you, the part of you that’s realistic and sees things for what they are, feels like you’re falling into nothing, falling for nothing, like you’re jumping off an edge hoping you can fly.

And another part of you, the part that is hopeful and blissfully optimistic, the part that blindly walks into a room in hopes that your other senses won’t fail you, thinks that you’re doing the right thing. This part of you believes that everything will work out. That the sacrifices you are making will all be worth it.

And then all the other parts of you are blatantly lost. These parts of you are wandering in every direction, pulling you in every direction, leaving you uncertain of which one to take, which way to go.

And now you’re torn. Torn between giving up the things that are important to you because it means you’ll continue to be with the person who makes you happy, the person who means everything to you, the person who adds color to the blank canvas your life used to be without them, or to live life for yourself, by yourself, to live life the way you want to live it with no compromises, no sacrifice.

Because you’re giving something up for someone else, to be with someone else. You’re changing your life for them.

You need to decide how important this person is to you, if this relationship matters more than the things you’re giving up to be with them. You need to consider what you’d do for them, and if they’d do the same in return. You need to think about what your life will be like together, and what it would mean if your lives were spent apart.

Because before you take this chance, before you make any decisions, you won’t know whether or not they’re worth it, you can’t see into the future, see the way your lives will pan out together.

You can only choose to choose each other. You can choose to take chances. To make compromises and sacrifices, to live life not always for yourself, but to share it with someone else, to love, and to love big. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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