14 Reasons Friends Who Watch ‘The Bachelorette’ Together Stay Together

ABC The Bachelorette
ABC The Bachelorette

1. You’re both committed. You would NEVER miss a Monday night with your Bachelorette besties. You would miss your mother’s birthday dinner before missing Jordan Rodgers finally open up about his feelings. If it’s Monday at 8, you’re booked. No exceptions.

2. If you EVER have to miss an episode, like if for some reason your appendix inconveniently bursts on a Monday night, you can count on your Bach bestie to be texting you THE ENTIRE episode with play-by-plays. “Alex and JoJo are currently laying on the ground with a horse. Now they’re kissing and Alex’s crotch is in the horse’s face.”

3. You have REALLY heated discussions
, like who you think will be the token drunk dude, and whether or not Alex is 5’7″ and if she sent him home for that reason.

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4. You’re able to disagree,
especially when it comes to whether or not she’ll pick Jordan for hometowns even though he has no relationship with his professional football player brother.

5. You defend both of your Bachelorette obsessions to the very end. No matter what shit anyone talks on this show, you still stand by your decision to watch it. “How does she makeout with 20 different dudes in one night? That’s disgusting.” Jealous much? “This show is so produced, totally fake.” Yeah and entertaining AF.

6. You critique grown men’s love lives together.
Chad clearly has such a tough exterior because he’s still grieving the loss of his mother.” Women who critique a grown man’s broken heart together, stay together. Period.

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7. You feast on male eye candy together. This is just part of being attracted to men, but either way you’ve both never been more happy to see that many six packs and bright blue eyes on one TV screen.

8. You know each other’s signature Bachelorette drinks.
You don’t even have to ask. One more glass of pinot noir coming right up. You also have psychic powers in knowing when either of you needs a refill.

9. You know each other’s signature Bachelorette snacks,
not including the men on the show. Your peanut M&Ms have a post it note with your name that reads, “need these for Monday night DO NOT TOUCH.”

10. You make bets on who will win.
This is your fantasy football. Your money’s on Luke for sure.

11. You both wish Chris Harrison and Jojo would knock on your door the night of the finale. When it’s just the pizza delivery guy you’re both thoroughly disappointed.

12. You share any and every internet article,
Gif, instagram, tweet, any form of social media that relates to your mutual love for The Bachelorette. You know when your Bach bestie is thinking about you (which is all of the time) because you have the insta tags to prove it.

13. You both share a hatred for Monday nights any time The Bachelorette isn’t in season. Bachelor In Paradise is not an equal substitute, and you don’t get people who think it is.

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14. You’re devoted to one another. The first night of your 5 day work week is not an ideal night, but your Bachelorette besties are more than willing to push through their case of the Mondays for the sake of seeing a grown man cry in the back of a limo. It’s the ultimate devotion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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