Love The Girl Whose Happiness Does Not Depend On You

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

She doesn’t need you to be happy, but you’re likely one of the biggest reasons why she is.

She’s happy when she’s with you, when you make her smile out of stupidity, when you kiss her cheek just because you can, when you ask her if she’s okay, and when you try to make her feel better because you know that she’s not. She’s happy when you look at her like something you’ve never seen before, when you tell her that she’s beautiful, and when she rolls her eyes in reply. She’s happy when you grab her for no reason and tell her that you love her, simply because you feel it so much that you have to let her know. She’s happy when you’re around.

These are the moments where happiness lives, where the two of you are happy together. Because when you two are together happiness is something that exists between you, it’s not one-sided or dependent, it is shared. It just happens, and you both experience that same feeling.

And while the happiness shared between you, between your bodies, your minds, your spirit and your soul, is so breathtakingly beautiful, you both have the ability to be happy when the other’s not around. You both understand that the happiness you experience with this person is one of the better places you can find it, but it’s certainly not the only place.

And in a way that’s what makes your love so strong. The fact that you can be happy with and without each other. The fact that you’ve found happiness within and outside of yourselves. Because while other people can make you happy, they can also disappoint you, but if you remember the things that you enjoy purely because you enjoy them, your happiness will live forever.

It will grow and change and sometimes you’ll think it has disappeared, but when you find the right person to share it with, they’ll remind you it’s still there. They’ll remind you what happiness feels like, and you’ll realize you’ve had the ability to feel it all along.

Because you’re the girl who can find happiness within herself. You’re the girl whose happiness does not depend on others, but is shared with others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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