11 Women On The Best Gift They’ve Received From One Of Their Kids


When it comes to gifts, the thought isn’t the only thing that counts, but it sure can count for a whole lot. These gifts will inspire you to go the extra mile for Mom on Mother’s Day, something she won’t forget. (Moms never do!)

Product 1 - Words Decal Image

1. Family Rules Wall Decal

“My oldest daughter is the most optimistic child of the bunch (I have four beautiful children). She’s caring and kind and extremely sentimental. She hates it when we don’t all eat dinner together, and don’t get to share family time that she deems ‘irreplaceable.’ She’s right. We should appreciate every moment we have together, and cherish even a simple meal we can all share at the same table. She bought me this so that each day the family can be reminded of how lucky we are to have one another. I love it, and every morning I see it I am reminded of just how special my family truly is.” -Margaret, 46

Product 2 - Personal Recipe Book

2. Personalized Recipe Book

“I come from a big Italian family. I’m one of six and have so many cousins I’ve lost count. The amount of family recipes exchanged in this small clan of Italians is higher than my salary. My son got me this recipe book for Mother’s Day so that I can keep the ones that are most important to me. Now all of our favorite recipes can be found in one place. Truthfully I think he partly bought it for himself. He loves to cook but he’ll never be as good a chef as his Italian mama. Now we both can argue over who makes what better. My meatballs are to die for.” -Josephine, 51

Product 3 - Picnic Basket

3. Picnic Basket For Four

“When we raised our kids we had a tradition of Sunday picnics. Every Sunday we’d pack up a blanket and a basket full of our favorite snacks and sandwiches, and we’d drive down to a beautiful little lake right by our neighborhood. The kids loved it in the spring and fall. It was a way of winding down after a long weekend, and enjoying time together before the beginning of each week. No matter the stress of work or school or any other of their numerous activities, we could always count on our Sunday picnics to calm us down and bring each of us together. Obviously we had to let that family tradition go when the kids went away to college and got older. Last Mother’s Day my son gave me this picnic basket to remind me of those Sunday picnics, and he said he’d like to try and make that tradition happen again. It was most certainly the sweetest Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever gotten.” -Carla, 54

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