10 Women Reveal What Non-Sexual Thing Totally Turned Them On At The Most Inconvenient Time Ever

Kiele Twarowski
Kiele Twarowski

1. Electric Toothbrush

“I was sleeping over my current girlfriend’s place for the first time (so I was already a nervous wreck). Before we went to sleep, I was laying in her bed and she went to the bathroom. I started hearing some type of vibration, and immediately thought she was in the bathroom using her vibrator. First I thought, wtf why is she using her vibrator, and then I thought about her using it and got completely turned on. I imagined me walking in and saying something super sexual like, ‘can I help you with that?’ so I decided I’d walk in and see what I could do. I open the door the the bathroom, and she’s brushing her teeth with her electric toothbrush. I’m an idiot, a very horny idiot.” —Alexis, 26

2. Pythagorean Theorem

“When I was in high school my crush (who I had a crush on for basically all of high school) was in my math class. Any time he’d talk to me about anything mathematical it made me want to fuck him. He could literally ask me what the Pythagorean theorem was and it would make me so horny.” —Amanda, 23

3. French Toast

“The first time I slept with my boyfriend he made me french toast the next morning, which was probably the most delicious french toast I have ever had, but now every time I eat french toast I think of having sex with him. When I come home for a weekend and my mom’s like, ‘Honey, you want me to make you french toast?’ I’m like NO!” —Beatrice, 25

4. Organic Baby Wipes

“I know this is totally weird, but for some reason the smell of organic baby wipes really gets me going. I’m a nanny, and I do all of the grocery shopping and run any errands the family needs me to, and when they send me to get baby wipes I open up all the containers and just wiff them. They smell so clean and fresh and innocent.” —Krystal, 23

5. Contraception

“Last year I got an IUD because my boyfriend and I had sex constantly and obviously weren’t ready for any little mini-me’s to be running around. They tell you before you get it that you’re going to have painful cramps, and the first thing I thought of to relieve them was sex, which my boyfriend had no objections to. When I got to the appointment, they told me that I can’t insert anything into my vagina for 24 hours, so obviously a penis would fall under that category. When they told me that it made me want to have sex SO BADLY, so in a way getting my IUD completely turned me on.” —Morgan, 24

6. Modern Art

“My boyfriend and I went to a super modern art exhibit and there were tons of naked sculptures everywhere. He’s way more artsy than I am, so he can look at art and not sexualize it. I’m sorry but when I look at a sculpture of a man and woman made of chicken bones, both naked, I can’t help but have a couple dirty thoughts pop into my head.” —Jana, 24

7. Sylvia Plath’s Suicide

“One of my english professors in college was nothing to swoon over. He wasn’t the type of professor that girls wanted to fuck, but for some reason when we had a discussion about why Sylvia Plath killed herself, I really wanted to have sex with him. No idea why, but I was definitely getting heated in class that day, and not about midcentury female poets.” —Claire, 25

8. Food

“I’m such a foodie, and when my boyfriend took me to his grandmother’s house for the first time, he kept telling me all about the food she cooks and it literally had me drooling before I even got there. All this talk about her homemade lasagna and chocolate cheesecake made me not only hungry, but horny. I know most girls don’t want to fuck after eating multiple portions of loaded carbs and cheese, but his grandma’s lasagna seriously gave me an orgasm in my mouth. I was sitting at the family dinner table trying to hold back my emotions. UGH, so good” —Alanna, 26

9. Motivational Speeches

“When I was at a business conference there was this motivational speaker who kept talking about why we should never doubt what we want from life, and it not only made me feel super inspired, but it kind of strangely turned me on. It would’ve felt great if I wasn’t sitting next to my boss.” —Veronica, 27

10. New Doctor

“I had just moved into the city, and had to find all new doctors. For my primary care physician I went with a doctor who one of my mom’s friends recommended. She said he was super nice, so I figured, okay awesome. My first appointment was just for a check up and to basically meet him, and when he walked in I was shocked by how attractive he was. His jawline said model, not doctor, and I figured out why he was highly recommended. When he was taking my heart beat and telling me to breathe deeply in and out I was so shaky. He said my heart was beating really fast and asked if I was nervous. I felt like saying no I’m not nervous, I’m just thinking what it would be like to have sex with you.” —Gabi, 23

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