Maybe It’s Too Soon To Say I Love You

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

It’s too soon to say I love you because love is just a feeling, and it’s something we think that time will confirm, but sometimes we don’t recognize that it’s real until it’s over. We don’t need time to confirm our feelings, because while we may not know exactly what love is, we know how it feels, and we can’t help how quickly we feel it.

It’s too soon to say I love you because we’re terrified of unreciprocated feelings, and the only way we’ll know this love is mutual is if one of us takes the chance to say it first. But we’re both not sure if loss is worth the risk. And a huge part of love is not allowing the fear of losing someone to keep you from loving them at all. Love is when you’re well aware that a person could completely break you, and you continue to take a chance on them regardless.

It’s too soon to say I love you because we’ve both been hurt before. And this time we’re reluctant to reveal ourselves so easily because the feeling is familiar, and the last time we felt it, it turned out to be temporary. But not all love will last forever, and the love that doesn’t, continues to make us stronger because we constantly look back and learn that the moment we thought we’d never love again, we somehow did.

It’s too soon to say I love you because we’re living someone else’s timeline. We have an idea of how long it’s “supposed” to take to know if you truly love someone, and anything sooner is simple infatuation. It’s early enough for this to be lust not love, and we each will wait until we recognize the difference, but the moment we stop thinking about when certain things are “supposed” to happen is the moment we truly begin to live.

It’s too soon to say I love you, but when we both feel an absence in the quiet, we can’t think of anything else to fill it with. And while we both may be thinking it, our thoughts aren’t loud enough for either one of us to hear.

It’s too soon to say I love you, and everyone else might think we’re crazy for wanting to, but it’s more bizarre to let others dictate our feelings than it is to just admit to them.

It’s too soon to say I love you, but I can’t help that every time we say goodbye I want to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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