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Make her stay by sharing your life with her, and not just the good parts, but the parts you’re scared for her to see. Let her beneath the surface you keep guarded because that’s where you two will grow together, and that’s the only type of depth that will lessen the distance between you.

Make her stay by letting her protect you.
She doesn’t need you to always be strong; she sees humility in your weakness. Don’t fear her judgement, she wants to help you, not hurt you. Know that she is more accepting than you realize.

Make her stay by showing her she matters.
She doesn’t look to you to feel significant, but when you take her kindness for granted, she notices, and not only does she notice, she absorbs. And if she absorbs the fact that she is unimportant she will either try that much harder, or shut herself off from you completely. And you’ll question what is wrong, but she won’t tell you because she’ll think she’s simply over-reacting. But if you give her the love that she deserves, there’s no reason for her to doubt or drift, there’s only reason for her to be sure that she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be.

Make her stay by telling her how you really feel.
And don’t just say it, show it. Don’t pretend to be indifferent if she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Let her know, because it’s just as painful to regret the things you never said than it is to say them and be disappointed with her reaction. Every expectation makes room for let down. Don’t expect, don’t predict, don’t worry, just be, and be authentically yourself.

Make her stay by giving her reason to trust you. Because trust ventures far beyond fidelity. Trust gives her the confidence to let you in, and once she lets you in, she’s not going anywhere.

Make her stay by being present.
Be the person who’s there when life couldn’t be better, and don’t disappear when it gets worse. Make her feel as though you’re there to stay, so that she doesn’t have to worry about who will leave first. TC mark

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This is me letting you go

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At the end of the day, you have two choices in love – one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away.

We owe it to ourselves to live the greatest life that we’re capable of living, even if that means that we have to be alone for a very long time.

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