8 Types Of Fuckboys That No Single Girl Has Time For

Twenty20 / ana_lombardini
Twenty20 / ana_lombardini

1. The fuckboy who ghosts.

This fuckboy leaves without warning. He’ll be on your mind even after he’s gone because you’ll never know exactly why he left. It’s hard enough for a single girl to read what’s on his mind when he’s present, but when he disappears with no explanation, it’s not because you’re not worth it, it’s because he thinks it’s the easiest way out, and he doesn’t think you’ll care.

2. The fuckboy who only calls after midnight.

He has one thing on his mind, and it has nothing to do with getting to know you as a person. If he only calls after midnight he’s trying to get into your bed, not your heart. He’s great for the single girl who doesn’t get attached, but if you’re looking for a relationship, this fuckboy is not the X that marks the spot.

3. The fuckboy who only calls when he’s drunk.

Sometimes the fuckboy who calls after midnight, and the fuckboy who only calls when he’s drunk are one in the same. If he can’t call you when he’s sober, he doesn’t deserve to talk to you when he’s drunk. If you’re looking for nothing more than entertainment then pick up the phone, but if you’re going to believe what he’s saying when he’s 12 shots of whiskey deep and has his thumb in a beer bong waiting to be chugged, you might want to ignore his call.

4. The fuckboy who acts like a different person in front of his friends.

When he’s around you he’s like sweet apple pie and when he’s around his friends he’s like beef jerky. If he has two separate personalities he’s trying to keep those two worlds apart. A guy who’s worth your time won’t mind bringing you around his friends. He’ll integrate you into his life, not attempt to keep you out of it.

5. The fuckboy who is in love with himself.

We’re all familiar with the full-blown narcissist. He loves himself more than he loves you, and until he meets a girl who is willing to accept this, he will remain the only love of his life.

6. The fuckboy who’s having sex with women other than you.

If you’re both fooling around that’s great, but if you’re trying to be the only woman in his life, this is one fuckboy you don’t want to fool around with. He’s clever with the way he multi-tasks, so when he’s texting ‘Johnny’ dick pics, Johnny is actually Sarah, and she’s most likely unaware you even exist.

7. The fuckboy who thinks insulting you is flirting.

Remember in kindergarten when boys who were mean to us actually liked us? Well we’re not in kindergarten anymore, so if he only brings you down to build you up, he’s being a foolish little man-boy. He thinks his insults will make you want him more, but unless you vibe off of self- deprecation he’s not doing anything for your self-esteem.

8. The fuckboy who has no motivation.

There’s nothing worse than wanting the best for someone who doesn’t want that for themselves. Motivation is something that can be encouraged, but ultimately only he can make it happen. If you’re looking for someone who inspires you to become a better person, the fuckboy with no motivation is not your answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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